Meet Queer Healers

We are a team made up of a business strategist and operations specialist, a design engineer and an entrepreneur, a writer and a herbalist yoga teacher, AND a poet astrologer. 

We’re also a team of queer people who love queer healers. 

We know how painful, infuriating, and frustrating it can be to seek care in a world that denies queer people their humanity. Especially queer people who are trans. Especially queer people who are Black. It keeps a lot of people from seeking the support they need, especially if that support isn’t covered by insurance. As people who have often been sidelined and harmed by Big Pharma and the normative medical establishment, queer people know the value of alternative medicine and esoteric practices. Medicine from the ground, from each other.

Queer people need an easy way to find healers who relate to their lived-experience. And queer practitioners need a streamlined way to support themselves that doesn’t involve becoming a digital marketing maven. 

All over the world, due to the pandemic, systemic inequality, huricanes and wildfires, Queer healers’ livelihoods have been derailed, so we want to do anything we can to get them hooked up to a firehose of clients and collaborators.

Our Team

Strategy / Operations

Bridget Conway-Taylor

Bridget is a global strategy and operations leader who has launched 400+ digital products and marketing campaigns.

Bridget is a business strategist and operations specialist. Over 20 years, she’s launched 400+ digital products, marketing campaigns, and change initiatives; operationalized a new global ad agency; produced work for General Motors, Novo Nordisk, Anheuser-Busch, Levi’s, Cadbury Schweppes, and the Australian Navy; and had work recognized by The Webby’s, Cannes, and IAB. A 3-time startup founder, Bridget is an NYU Incubator, Venture Crush Accelerator, and StartOut Mentorship alumni.
Design / Development

Sky Davis

Sky is a product design engineer at AngelList, AI enthusiast, and fintech specialist, thanks to stints with global institutions.

Sky is a product design engineer at AngelList. Over 10-years, she has created large-scale, tech-forward products and led companies, such as eTrade, Prudential Insurance, Kabbage, Capital Group, PwC, to focus on human-centered design. She co-founded Money Captain, a personal finance app using behavioral analytics and AI to help people unlearn bad money habits. Sky volunteers at mission-driven non-profits like GirlsWhoCode and HarlemGirlsCode, where she strives to redefine what it means to be visible and impactful in tech.
Product / Community

Marisa Hall

Marisa is a writer, yoga teacher, and herbalist, who's worked across InfoSec, HR, L&D, and Engineering at Etsy.

Marisa is a writer, yoga teacher, and herbalist, who also works in InfoSec at Etsy. With a holistic approach to healing, she offers modalities for sustainable inward exploration, balance, and accessing deeper, more sustainable joy. Her hope is for anyone she works to walk away feeling grounded and empowered in their healing journey, with more capacity to reach toward being fully embodied. Over five years at Etsy, she's worked across HR, Learning and Development, and Engineering, building and facilitating processes, roadmaps, and collaboration strategies.
Content / Community

Gala Mukomolova

Gala is a Moscow-born, Brooklyn-raised published poet and essayist, podcast host, and resident astrologer at NYLON.

Gala is a Moscow-born, Brooklyn-raised, poet and essayist. Her full-length poetry collection, Without Protection, is available through Coffee House Press. Her chapbook, One Above One Below: Positions & Lamentations, is available with YesYes Books. A recipient of the 2016 Discovery Prize from 92nd St Y and the Boston Review, she has held residencies at Vermont Studio Center, Pink Door, and ASYLUM Arts. Gala is NYLON’s resident astrologer and co-hosts the Big Dyke Energy podcast. She is a founder and member of The Cheburashka Collective.