Queer Healers
    • Transgender ·
    • Living with PTSD / CPTSD ·
    • Substance Addict

    Sierra Justice

    • Louisville, Kentucky, United States


    • Life Coaching
    • Breathwork

    About Sierra Justice

    I am an intuitive life guide and breathwork facilitator. My work involves presenting choices and different paths in how to move forward in a holistic way, in alignment with your life's purpose. I am a natural space holder and allow you the freedom and agency to heal on your own volition, teaching your spirit the ways in which it has its own inherent power that can continue to heal throughout the rest of your life.


    • White
    • Living with PTSD / CPTSD
    • Substance Addict
    • Trauma Survivor
    • Neurodivergent
    • Adult Child of Alcoholic
    • History of Self-harm
    • Transgender
    • Femme
    • Non-binary
    • Queer
    • Demisexual
    • Bisexual
    • Spiritual
    • Witch

    Country of Origin

    United States

    Languages Spoken



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    • Life Guidance

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      Intuitive guidance session utilizing tarot and oracle cards

    • Breathwork

      $108.45- Virtual Options

      90 Minute Breathwork Session