Queer Healers

      Brunem Warshaw / Well Deep Remedies

      • Nashville, Tennessee, United States


      • Herbalism

      About Brunem Warshaw / Well Deep Remedies

      Brunem is a clinical herbalist and educator who weaves scientific and intuitive approaches together to support people in healing themselves with the assistance of plant medicines. They have been studying for over a decade and practicing clinically since 2012. Their herbal practice today focuses on serving their communities with navigating trauma recovery, mental health, addiction, disability, and chronic illness. They are passionate about the integration of polyvagal theory with plant medicine to cultivate emotional resilience.


      • White
      • Living with PTSD / CPTSD
      • Neurodivergent
      • Person with Disability
      • Sober / In Recovery
      • Chronic Illness
      • Femme
      • Non-binary
      • BDSM-oriented
      • Queer
      • Non-monogamous
      • Gay
      • Lesbian
      • Sex Positive
      • Jewish
      • Witch

      Country of Origin

      United States

      Languages Spoken




      • SA

        Sierra A

        Brunem is a wonderful person to work with. The way they listen and validate your experience, and offer insight, is incredible. It is quite a rare experience to feel like a care provider actually.. cares!!! And Brunem does. The time set aside for intake, follow ups, and email follow ups allows for deep knowing and understanding. The custom formulas I've received have been amazingly supportive in a way I haven't experienced before. Definitely recommend Brunem as a support in your healing journey.

      • BC

        Bridget C

        Brunem was among the very first practitioners listed on Queer Healers! I've enjoyed connecting with them remotely, and have been thrilled to see their practice evolving since they joined us in 2020.

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        Mini consults are a 30 minute one-off conversation about an acute physical or emotional health concern you're navigating such as a sudden loss, illness, or injury. This shorter conversation will culminate in a custom herbal formula to address your concern.