Queer Healers
    • Animist ·
    • Non-binary ·
    • Folk Magick

    Cheré Suzette Bergeron AHN-BC, RN, PHN, CST, MH

    Of Sassafras Healing Arts
    • Powderhorn Park, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States


    • Herbalism
    • Energy Medicine
    • Ritual Work
    • Astrology

    About Cheré Suzette Bergeron

    I am a queer, nonbinary, disabled clinical herbalist, land tender, astrologer, folk historian, and Board-Certified Advanced Holistic Registered Nurse. In 2021, I established Sassafras Healing Arts, a community-based herbalism practice rooted in the Dakota lands that raised me and the living folkways of my ancestors who trace their roots back to Valdres, Norway, as well as parts of Sweden, Finland, Germany, Prussia, France, Belgium, and Austria. My Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather Isak Vilhelm Erickson Brommer was an herbalist in Norway who made medicines from roots, barks, and berries.


    • European
    • White
    • Chronic Illness
    • Living with PTSD / CPTSD
    • Neurodivergent
    • Person with Disability
    • Trauma Survivor
    • Gender Non-conforming
    • Gender-fluid
    • Non-binary
    • Femme
    • Queer
    • Sex Positive
    • Animist
    • Folk Magick
    • Witch
    • Spiritual
    • Pagan / Earth-centered Faith

    Active & Applicable Accreditations

    Registered Nurse, Registered Public Health Nurse, Advanced Holistic Nurse-Board Certified.

    Country of Origin

    United States

    Languages Spoken

    English, Spanish, Castilian

    Business Name

    Of Sassafras Healing Arts


    Request a booking

    • Accessible Care Consultation


      This is an introductory, focused, limited herbal consultation best suited for: -gaining access to the herbal apothecary as a client -receiving quick, specialized herbal consultation + care for an acute injury or short-term ailment, and/or -folks who want to take a gaze into the mountain of medicine + discuss/explore how plants may support you. In this mini consultation we can review your intentions, current medications, and any acute or chronic health conditions to be mindful of as we are considering herbal supports for you.

    • Flower Essence Consultation


      An opportunity to focus on your desires, goals, + dreams for your healing, with a specific + tailored focus on your intentions for 1 custom flower essence formula crafted just for you. We'll assess the current terrain you're navigating + how flower essences may be able to support you. Flower Essences are powerful + magical energetic remedies that can support us through an abundance of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical blockages / imbalances. When we work with a flower essence, we are engaging with the energy, vibration, or spirit of a beloved plant companion in spring water + brandy.

    • In Depth Herbal Intake + Consultation


      An opportunity to focus on your desires, goals, + dreams for your healing. We'll do a deep dive into the magic that is you - past, present, and future. Includes: intake, health history, review of any current medications/supplements + herbal supports, and assessment of any acute or ongoing health concerns. This all unfolds as part of a dynamic conversation + collaboration between the two of us. After your consultation, an herbal care plan which will be formulated just for you based on your intentions + needs. I then create you a uniquely crafted herbal care package.

    • Herbal Care Consultation Package


      Healing patterns of disease, dysfunction, imbalance, + trauma can take time, commitment, and be amplified by consistent support and care. This is a potent gift to oneself or a consenting beloved who is desiring to deepen their relationship to plant medicine with grounded, intentional care, guidance, + support. This is a 3 - 6 month bundle + discounted herbal care package that includes: 1 In Depth Herbal Intake + Consultation, 3 Follow Up Herbal Consultations, + 1 Initial Custom 1 oz Herbal Tincture or Tea Blend.

    • Natal Chart Reading: Sun, Moon, + Rising


      Begin relating to your natal chart by learning about your Sun, Moon, + Rising Signs. I highly recommend folks start with this type of reading if they haven't have a natal chart reading before,

    • Full Natal Chart Reading


      Take a deep dive into your natal chart, learning about your prominent Planets, Signs, + Houses. Please note: I highly recommend folks start with the Sun, Moon, + Rising Reading if they haven't have a natal chart reading before, then book a Full Natal Chart Reading as a follow up session.