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    • 40+

    Emily Baker

    Of You Joy Life- Ayurveda Healing for the Queer Community
    • Elysian Valley, Los Angeles, California, United States


    • Ayurvedic Medicine
    • Crystal Energy Healing
    • Energy Medicine
    • Reiki

    About Emily Baker

    You Joy Life, Ayurvedic and Intuitive Energy Healing for the Queer Community. Balancing Queer Bodies + Minds Through Embodying Expansive Wholeness. Offering: LGBTQIA + Healing, Ayurvedic Consultation + Body Therapies, Intuitive Energy Healing, Mantra Chanting + Sound Healing, Gemstone Therapy


    • White
    • European
    • History of Self-harm
    • Sober / In Recovery
    • Female
    • 40+
    • Lesbian
    • Queer
    • Sex Positive
    • Animist
    • Buddhist
    • Spiritual
    • Witch

    Active & Applicable Accreditations

    Certified Ayurvedic Wellness Educator through Southern California University of Health Sciences 2022, Certified Yoga Teacher. 200 hour (YTT200) certification with People’s Yoga Studio, Los Angeles, CA 2019, Certified Reiki healer. Reiki Certification at IPSB’s Life Energy Institute, attuned by Lisa Thompson, Los Angeles, CA 2018

    Country of Origin

    United States

    Languages Spoken


    Business Name

    Of You Joy Life- Ayurveda Healing for the Queer Community


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      $222.32- Virtual Options

      A process to understand your health and assess any imbalances from an ayurvedic perspective. A full assessment of your physical, mental and emotional state is evaluated in the present moment. Using traditional assessment techniques such as tongue examination, pulse reading & visual evaluation to deeply understand your natural constitution, the state of your mental and physical health, and your patterns and tendencies. In harmony with your presenting symptoms and lifelong health narrative, understand the root causes & pathogenesis of your imbalances and begin your journey to becoming balanced.

    • 60 minute Intuitive Energy Session, with handpicked gemstones

      $88.93- Virtual Options

      One on one meditation and reiki session, co:create a healing necklace with me. The 60 minutes involves automatic writing, pranayama, reiki, and a channeled statement from your guides in the present moment. The session concludes with a intuitively selected, personalized gemstone necklace which is yours to take home.