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    Frank Molignano CCH, RSHom(NA)

    Of The Healing Narrative - Integrative Homeopathy
    • 92 Church Street, Montclair, New Jersey 07042, United States


    • Homeopathy

    About Frank Molignano

    Frank is a nationally certified homeopath and has worked extensively in the mental health field and with those struggling with chronic illness. He utilizes homeopathy and N.A.E.T. to facilitate a deep connection to well-being integrating unresolved trauma and supports individuals in moving from contraction to expansion, from limitation to freedom.


    • White
    • Chronic Illness
    • Disordered Eating
    • Trauma Survivor
    • Cisgender
    • Male
    • Gay
    • Sex Positive
    • Queer
    • Pansexual
    • Spiritual

    Active & Applicable Accreditations

    Nationally Certified Classical Homeopath; Registered with the Society of Homeopaths in North America

    Country of Origin

    United States

    Languages Spoken


    Business Name

    Of The Healing Narrative - Integrative Homeopathy


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    • 2-hour Homeopathic Intake Session


      During the initial consultation approximately 2 hours is necessary to develop a thorough understanding of the current state of health by extensive inquiry about personal, medical and family history. This individualized approach identifies the appropriate remedies necessary to support detoxification while addressing the underlying or root cause. *Please note: the cost of this session includes all homeopathic remedies that will be provided at no additional cost.

    • 1-hour Homeopathic Follow-up Session


      This appointment is ideal if you have a concern or question regarding your response to a remedy that can be addressed within a 50min time frame. *Please note: remedies will be provided at no additional cost; however, a $10 flat-rate shipping fee applies to all remedies being mailed.