Queer Healers

      Heather Daniels

      Of Blood Moon Reiki
      All Pronouns
      • Blue Hill, Maine, United States


      • Reiki
      • Spirit Work
      • Energy Medicine
      • Sound Healing

      About Heather Daniels

      Blood Moon is an energy and intuitive guidance practice focused on reweaving interconnection with the more than human world, exploring shadow self, grief, and ancestral healing. This practice has grown out of centering integrity, collective liberation, harm reduction, accessibility, and deep listening. Heather also draws from queer, neurodivergent, and disability justice lineages. You can read more about Heather's background here: www.bloodmoonreiki.com/about


      • Neurodivergent
      • Person with Disability
      • Non-binary
      • Queer

      Active & Applicable Accreditations

      Certified Reiki Master of the Usui Tradition

      Country of Origin

      United States

      Languages Spoken


      Business Name

      Of Blood Moon Reiki



      • BC

        Bridget C

        Heather was among the very first practitioners listed on Queer Healers! I've enjoyed connecting with them remotely, and have been thrilled to see their practice evolving since 2020.

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      • Distance Session

        $108.45- Virtual Options

        We are more than our physical bodies. We also have an energy body made up of our energy fields, energy centers, and energy pathways. The energy fields take energy in, the energy centers breaks energies down, and the energy pathways distribute energies throughout the body. I am able to provide energy work from a distance by focusing my attention on these energy fields.

      • Forest Session


        Combining the healing effects of the forest and energy work, I invite you to join me for a Forest Session. Fresh air, sunshine and the woodland chorus provide my favorite atmosphere for channeling energy and a powerful space for healing.

      • Indoor Session


        If you feel most comfortable indoors, I invite you to join me at my healing space in Blue Hill, Maine / Penobscot Territory. This space is tucked in the forest and is hypoallergenic, HSP, neurodivergent, BIPOC, trans, and Queer friendly.

      • Intuitive Guidance Session


        If you feel in need of intuitive guidance, to talk through threads that keep appearing, a hand hold through unseen aspects of a large decision, I offer to hold space for you to explore in a protected and held container. Either over the phone or in person, we will drop in together and see what needs attention, tending, release, weaving, or simply what wishes to come through. These sessions often include light energy work, card pulls, sound healing, and suggestions of how to integrate and further your inner knowing.