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    • Sober / In Recovery ·
    • BDSM-oriented ·
    • Trauma Survivor

    Julz Bolinayen

    Of Lakapati's Legacy
    • Honolulu, Hawaii, United States


    • Ritual Work

    About Julz Bolinayen

    Julz Bolinayen (they/she/isuna/siya) is an Ilokano, Bakla, non-binary, genderfluid, queer femme, artist and initiated Hilot Binabaylan (practitioner of traditional healing arts of the islands now known as the Philippines). Julz specializes in holding space and ritual for grief through ceremonial tattooing and death doula work. Julz also offers ritual readings through divination and channeling; energy healing with plants and flower essences, reiki and/or soul retrieval; and sound healing through serenade and chant.


    • Filipinx
    • Person of Color
    • Deaf / Hard of Hearing / Hearing Impaired
    • Sober / In Recovery
    • Trauma Survivor
    • Neurodivergent
    • Disordered Eating
    • Person with Disability
    • Living with PTSD / CPTSD
    • Substance Addict
    • Chronic Illness
    • Femme
    • Gender Non-conforming
    • Gender-fluid
    • Non-binary
    • BDSM-oriented
    • Demisexual
    • Lesbian
    • Non-monogamous
    • Queer
    • Gay
    • Polyamorous
    • Sex Positive
    • Animist
    • Folk Magick
    • Spiritual
    • Agnostic

    Active & Applicable Accreditations

    Hilot Binabaylan (Hilot Academy of Binabaylan), Death Doula (Going with Grace),

    Country of Origin

    United States

    Languages Spoken


    Business Name

    Of Lakapati's Legacy



    • BC

      Bridget C

      Julz was among the very first practitioners listed on Queer Healers! I've enjoyed connecting with them remotely, and have been thrilled to see their practice evolving since they joined us in 2020.

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    • Kilubansa Ritual Reading

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      if you're seeking to understand your gifts, facing an emotional/spiritual crisis or feel blocked, this is the reading for you. kilubansa focuses on the 4 elements in your body & spirit. i use baybayin (ancient filipinx alpha-syllabary), the energy of your name & channeling to identify how you can achieve holistic balance. i will deliver intuitive messages from your guides and offer spiritual coaching