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    • Black ·
    • BDSM-oriented ·
    • Parent

    Marla Renee Stewart MA

    Of Velvet Lips LLC
    • United States


    • Meditation
    • Tarot Reading
    • Cuddle Therapy
    • Massage
    • Energy Medicine
    • Relationship Coaching
    • Sex Therapy

    About Marla Renee Stewart

    Marla Renee Stewart, MA (she/her) is a sexologist, author, and sexual strategist who runs her own sexuality education company, Velvet Lips, and is also a Co-Founder of the Sex Down South Conference. She has studied human sexuality for more than 20 years and has given over 500 workshops all over the world. She also has been featured on a variety of media outlets, including Netflix’s Trigger Warning with Killer Mike and Love & HipHop Atlanta. She co-wrote her first book, The Ultimate Guide to Seduction & Foreplay with Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, which debuted in April 2020.


    • Black
    • Person of Color
    • Cisgender
    • Femme
    • Female
    • 40+
    • Fat
    • Parent
    • BDSM-oriented
    • Bisexual
    • Lesbian
    • Non-monogamous
    • Queer
    • Sex Positive
    • Gay
    • Monogamous
    • Spiritual

    Active & Applicable Accreditations

    BA, Psychology, Minor - LGBT/Human Sexuality Studies; MA, Sociology - Gender & Sexuality; Women's & Gender Studies; Certified Sexologist; Certified Phlebotomist

    Country of Origin

    United States

    Languages Spoken


    Business Name

    Of Velvet Lips LLC


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    • Tea Meditation Session

      $271.13- Virtual Options

      If you’re having trouble figuring things out for yourself and need some guidance, these sessions will help you find what you are looking for and put you on the correct path towards your wanted goals and particular outcomes. ​​In your session, you will be given a specially concocted, organic tea based on your particular issue. We will discuss any questions that you have and the session will be guided by collective affirmations and spiritual guidance. The session usually lasts about an hour. Come armed with any questions that you may have.

    • Cuddling Therapy


      Are you in need of some physical affection, but have no one to turn to? Or do you just want to de-stress and feel better? Either way, platonic cuddle work might be something that you are looking for. Platonic cuddling has a a great amount of benefits. Whether you like to be the little spoon or the big spoon, there are so many different ways of cuddling that can work for you!

    • Yoni Care


      Getting Yoni care is a big step to healing yourself and/or it can be a big step towards the blossoming of your sexuality. This very specific bodywork focuses on your yoni to remove any negative energy or sexual blockages that may be occurring. It also is a source of sexual pleasure where you can pinpoint your desires for future references. Yoni Work can be a spiritual and ecstatic sexual experience that relaxes and heals you from the inside out.

    • Sex & Relationship Coaching

      $271.13- Virtual Options

      Our practical curriculum that Marla formulated over the years is a reflection of these triangulation of strategies and relevant theoretical approaches. Because it is an integrative approach, it has allowed us to see the issues from different angles, as well as problem-solve the issues quickly to enrich the relationships of individuals with themselves and for couples with themselves and with each other.