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    • Jewish ·
    • Chronic Illness ·
    • Sober / In Recovery

    Scarlet Tunkl

    Of Into The Deep Coaching
    • Asheville, North Carolina, United States


    • Somatic Healing
    • Spirit Work
    • Coaching
    • Psychic / Mediumship
    • Tarot Reading
    • Ritual Work
    • Kohanot / Jewish Priestess
    • Witchcraft / Spell-work

    About Scarlet Tunkl

    Scarlet is a somatic coach, spiritual guide, artist, and educator who lives at the intersections of whiteness, jewishness, fatness, queerness, chronic illness, recovery from addiction, and is devoted to liberation for all. She has spent 15 years exploring human connection and embodiment through psychology, spirituality, art, and critical theory. Scarlet holds a certificate in Somatic Trauma Therapy and trained extensively as a coach. She completed a MA in visual + critical studies and a MFA in 2017. She is supervised by Dr. Pavini Moray.


    • European
    • White
    • Adult Child of Alcoholic
    • Chronic Illness
    • Disordered Eating
    • History of Self-harm
    • Living with PTSD / CPTSD
    • Sober / In Recovery
    • Trauma Survivor
    • Femme
    • Fat
    • BDSM-oriented
    • Queer
    • Polyamorous
    • Non-monogamous
    • Sex Positive
    • Pagan / Earth-centered Faith
    • Jewish
    • Witch
    • Spiritual
    • Folk Magick
    • Animist

    Country of Origin

    United States

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    Of Into The Deep Coaching


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    • Somatic Coaching

      $216.90- Virtual Options

      Somatic practice focuses on building a relationship with your own felt sense; ie listening to your body, learning about your nervous system and honoring your needs and desires. I facilitate this work with embodied practices ranging from visualizations to intuitive movement to role playing and beyond. You can expect to uncover new dimensions of your self that may not have been accessible through cognitive or talk based modalities.

    • Magical Instruction

      $216.90- Virtual Options

      It is my belief that living a full life means connecting with the spiritual traditions (often steeped in magic and ritual) of your own ancestral lineages in order to do the deep work of healing yourself and your communities. We have so much to learn from the earth, the animals, the stars and our own bodies; cultivating our connections to these is a potent way to heal and honor ourselves. Finding right relationship to spirit, whatever spirit means to you, is a form of liberation work, a detangling from capitalist, white supremacy culture.