Queer Healers
    • Black ·
    • Non-binary ·
    • Queer

    SUNLOVE by J Wortham

    • Brooklyn, New York, United States


    • Sound Healing

    About SUNLOVE by J Wortham

    sunlove aims to create space to allow for new growth and new pleasures to shine through for resilience and space to flow. It is a practice of care that primarily centers Black Queer and Trans folks. I facilitate sound baths, reiki sessions, cacao and moon ceremonies and soon, breathwork, all informed by healing justice, dedicated to harm-reduction and transmuting grief and trauma to experience peace, oneness, and hopefully, joy. I also work with plant allies to create herbal bath soaks, tea blends and salves to remind people to honor and treasure their most sacred possession: Themselves.


    • Black
    • Mixed Race
    • Non-binary
    • Queer

    Active & Applicable Accreditations

    ✨ Reiki Initiation with Lizzie McCallum (The Flow Paradigm), 2018 ✨ Sound Teacher Training with Brooklyn Healing Arts, 2020 ✨ Breathwork Training and Mentorship Program for Black Healers of Color with Siedeh Foxie, 2020 ✨Herbalism Training with The People's Medicine School, ongoing ✨The Embodiment Institute - Black TGNCI Healing Retreat & Somatic Training, 2022

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    United States

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    • One Hour Sound Bath

      $319.93- Virtual Options

      A soothing soundbath facilitated by sunlove, the wellness practice of J Wortham, a sound healer, herbalist and energy worker based in Brooklyn. This cosmic sonic experience will allow you to travel inward and upward, sowing seeds within yourself to sprout come spring. We will surrender to the healing power of sound to transmute fear, anxiety and melt away what no longer serves you. Weeding, if you will. Come align with a deeper understanding of yourself, your truth and your higher purpose.