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About Allé

I am a Queer, trans, fat yoga instructor and healer. I teach Queer/ Trans/ Non-Binary Yoga weekly and also advocate for the community through teacher trainings for yoga instructors. I facilitate trainings that teach cis people how to use pronouns properly, abandon the gender binary in their classes and affirm trans students throughout their transition.


Yoga for top surgery recovery, fat centering, trans centering yoga, reiki for marginalized bodies.

Client Testimonials

“I don’t think I’ve experienced a class that felt so affirming for both my NB and fat body. I’ve actually done like “fat yoga” classes and did not feel like they actually worked with my body, but tonight was so nourishing. Will hopefully be a regular! Thanks so much for your spirit and warmth!” – Client


“I had the incredible opportunity to take @nonbinaryogi’s heart opening, mind expanding, soulful course Teaching Trans Inclusive Yoga. Allé curated a safe space for us to ask anything, speak our hearts, and the content they offered was clear while making space for us to be unclear as a pathway to learning.” – Client


Dharma Yoga Certified Teacher 200 Hour Training

500 Hour Training Pending

Reiki Level 3


Well, accessibility is about a lot more than just physical ability. I make my classes accessible by making them affordable. I have sliding scale prices and no cost spots available for every class and training.

I also offer postures that will be comfortable and accessible in a larger body, so the classes are accessible for fat folks. I don’t just offer options at the end of explaining a pose, the original pose I offer is intended for folks with bellies and curves.

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PRICING: USD - $5-25 for yoga, reiki sessions private $40-108, reiki restore group sessions $15, 25, 35, free spots available. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Courses / Online Programs, Couples / Dyads, Groups / Circles / Classes, Families (Note: I offer one-on-one reiki both in person and over distance). SESSION LOCATIONS: In-person, Phone-based, Text-based (Email/SMS), Video-based. COMPENSATION TYPES: Donation-based, Pay What You Can, Sliding Scale, Trade / Barter, Free for Specific Client Types. PAYMENT METHODS: Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, Bank Transfer.

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