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About Anna

Somatic touch and nervous system regulation with anti-oppression lens for resilience and resistance in movement/community.


Trauma Integration, Embodiment, CPTSD, Attachment, Shame Integration. Sense of Self Integration.

Client Testimonials

“After a few sessions with Anna, I quickly realized Somatic Experience was the therapy I needed to address anxiety and trauma. Quite quickly I was able to decrease my anxiety and after a few months I left an agency job and opened my own private practice! I also ended 2 unhealthy friendships and began doing my art again. Anna is a highly skilled as a SE practitioner and an amazing person as well!!” – Toni S.


“Anna is a very insightful, intentional and compassionate practitioner that creates a safe space to explore the complexities of being human and the depth of the wounds that are unique to each individual person. It feels safe and welcoming to be able to work with another queer person that understand that I am more than just my queerness. Every time I leave a session with Anna I am more self-aware, have more compassion and nurturance for myself, and have the capacity to move beyond my trauma. Anna has helped me integrate tough emotions and experiences that have felt to big to face for a long time and now I feel that these are parts of me that I be-friend. Anna skills are unmatched and if you are looking for a practitioner who creates a space to be fully human, it’s this person!!” – Client


Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Somatic Touch Skills Training

Therapeutic Presence/Therapeutic Rhythm

Master’s of Art’s in Art and Visual Culture Education


The work I do pays close and committed attention to each person’s somatic (embodied) needs and responses. I make sure to always work gently with activation in the body, and in a way that is both validating of disability and discerning of the trauma of living in an ableist world. I always watch for discernment between the ableist narratives in healing about who and how we are “supposed” to be, hopefully in service of supporting my clients getting to feel at home in their bodies as they are, and relieved of the grips of shame and trauma. I do not try to fix, change, or align with the dominating cultural narratives of what it means to be healed or normal. Healing is a life-long journey, specific to each of us.

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PRICING: $125 fixed, $75-$125 sliding scale. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one. SESSION LOCATIONS: In-person, Phone-based, Video-based. COMPENSATION TYPES: Sliding Scale. PAYMENT METHODS: Cash, Venmo, Personal Check.

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