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About Bec

Bec is experienced in treating post-operative scars using electroacupuncture. These include scars from accidents, Cesarean sections, Skin cancer, Mastectomy, and Gender-affirming surgery. This method expedites the skin’s ability to undergo cellular renewal to repair the tissue and regain sensation in the affected area. Fluent in Spanish, Bec’s family comes from the Dominican Republic. After immigrating to NYC, her family moved to Massachusetts, where she was raised. An eternal student, Bec loves learning new cutting edge ways of treating patients ease pain and stress levels using advanced neuro-acupuncture techniques, and she is excited to have the resources with us to continue to grow and finesse these techniques.


Trauma-informed Therapy, using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to address generational trauma, Scar Reduction Therapy.

Client Testimonials

“I can’t say enough about Bec. I came in as a patient looking for fertility support as I have PCOS and was trying to conceive naturally for almost a year. Working very closely with Bec to monitor my cycle, we were able to get ovulation on track and get more importantly get pregnant!! It took us 2 months of regular treatment (2x/week). It was honestly the most amazing and positive experience I’ve ever had with a practitioner. Her attention to detail, willingness to research & explore paths unknown, and her emotional support through the journey are paramount. I would highly recommend Bec for any services for acupuncture treatment, but especially if you’re dealing with any fertility concerns. I credit her for “getting me pregnant” even though I know my partner had something to do with it as well…but seriously, how do you even begin to thank you some one who has helped give you life’s greatest gift.” – Jenn


“Bec is the owner of Three Points Acupuncture and is one of my favorite humans. She has been healing my body with acupuncture and cupping and healing my spirit with her empathy, compassion, and listening ear for nearly 2 years. Bec is one of the few people that I can be real with because I know she really sees me and hears me. Full disclosure – I have always been deathly afraid of needles and was scared shitless of even trying acupuncture. Trust me when I say that Bec is the one who will help you get over your fear, make you comfortable, and bring you the healing that you need.” – M.DM.


Diplomate of acupuncture. Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)


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PRICING: $90 at Three Points Acupuncture. At Six Fishes, we take health insurance including Medicaid (Health Partners). SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Groups / Circles / Classes, Individual time in communal setting. SESSION LOCATIONS: In-person, Video-based. COMPENSATION TYPES: Insurance, Fixed Rate, Trade / Barter. PAYMENT METHODS: PayPal, Cash, Venmo, Credit Cards.

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