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About Brunem

Disabled Femme Herbalism; Online Classes, One on One Consults, and Plant Medicines.


I am a 20 hour street medic and first aid educator. My practice specializations are mental health, addiction recovery, trauma healing, sexual health, queer care, and living with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Client Testimonials

“Brunem’s invaluable insight into my health and needs continues to reverberate throughout my life. As a nurse I deal with medicine and the medical system daily but for my own health needs I find working with an herbalist invaluable to my total well-being. My first session with Brunem was done during a time in my life when I was dealing with multiple health struggles that crossed all parts of my life; eating difficulties, inflammation, depression, stress, and motivation. Brunem offered a very thorough evaluation of my overall health and developed treatment plans that fit my current abilities and needs. Their method of locating my health needs clearly followed a systematic structure while at the same time used an intuitive presence that drew out a clear picture of the many parts of my life that were affecting my illness. More than simply providing me with herbal formulas, Brunem gave me a toolkit for how to think about and understand what my needs are and ways to fulfill them in my life. Brunem brings a bright mixture of intellectual rigor with the invisible mystery that lies within all life. This helps bring out the best in whomever they work with. They are amazing and caring beyond belief!” – A.B., Client


“I didn’t know what to expect when I started working with Brunem one year ago. I hadn’t worked with an herbalist before, but I’ve always been drawn to herbal medicine. I’m a queer, mixed race sex worker and I’ve had some bad experiences with docs and healers. From the first consultation, I’ve been blown away by Brunem’s abilities. If you buy tinctures or teas or anything like that for emotional or physical support, just imagine someone thoughtfully and diligently concocting remedies specifically just for you. My partner noticed a blatant improvement in my mood and overall well-being after starting a regime created by Brunem. They made me feel so comfortable when I initially opened up to them — I was trying to cope with family trauma, drug addiction, and emotional exhaustion from sex work. I had run myself into the ground, and I have to credit Brunem for their rock-solid support. Brunem is a reliable, nonjudgmental presence in my life, and their medicines radically altered my outlook on healing, not to mention bolstering my self compassion. Western medicine is a one-size-fits-all prescription, often lacking an explanation of ingredients or their sourcing, throwing off our natural rhythms instead of supporting them. Therapists tend not to reflect as much as we need them to, and it’s often a super clinical relationship. Brunem guided me through my struggles and pain, compassionately reflected on our consultations, and prescribed soothing, shockingly considerate remedies. It’s rare to meet a healer so open to a person with needs like mine, and I feel truly seen and understood in this supportive relationship. I’m so proud to work with Brunem, and I cherish all of my Well Deep Remedies.” – A.R., Client


I completed two intensive full time training programs: Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine and Blue Otter School of Energetic Herbalism.

I also study trauma and addiction recovery with friend and mentor Lydia Bartholow, PMHNP and herbalist.

Rosehip Medic Collective trained me as a medic.


My educational content in video format is always captioned. I’m committed to the practice of image descriptions. I provide my services in the format that feels most accessible for the individual. When facilitating group classes, we touch base about access needs in the beginning. My practice is accessible to me as a disabled person by being 100% remote and mail-based at this time.

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PRICING: 2 hour intake $60-200, 1 hour followups $60-130, medicine at cost for BIPOC femmes, distributing free medicine to Black community members via Herbal Equity Project. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Groups / Circles / Classes. SESSION LOCATIONS: Video-based, Phone-based, Text-based (Email/SMS). COMPENSATION TYPES: Sliding Scale, Free for Specific Client Types. PAYMENT METHODS: Bank Check, CashApp, PayPal, Personal Check, Venmo, Cash.

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