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About Chanelle

My name is Chanelle A. Bergeron. I am currently rooted in North Carolina where I grow herbals, write poems, make soundscapes, and take strolls in the piney forests. I put plants and atmospheres into water to make medicine for people, the land, and animals. I help people to choose which water medicines are best suited for them by talking with them about their lives and listening to their stories.


Flower Essence Therapy; Monitrice Offerings.

Client Testimonials

“Working with Chanelle is like walking down the street and picking up a piece of paper on the sidewalk. You look at the paper and there is a poem written on it that feels like it was written for you. How could this poet know so much of what I need, things I didn’t even know I needed? You tuck it into your pocket and clutch it in your hand as you continue on your way. It repeats in your mind and unravels the thoughts and feelings that have been binding you. You didn’t know you needed these words, but the words shifted something inside of you and things start to change. Slowly, without dramatics and without a strong conscious effort. It’s a strange ephemeral way to change, one you haven’t quite experience before. This is what working with Chanelle feels like. She offered the words that I needed, the advice I would have never expected, and she sent me the essence I craved.” – Jayna Anderson of 5th Dimension


“Chanelle is unbelievably skilled in so many healing & intuitive modalities, yet so humble at the same time. she’s made major impacts in my life with just a few readings, & has helped me come into greater empowerment & alignment. I cannot say enough good things about her work & how it’s shifted trajectories & choices in my life in positive directions. Not many people can integrate all these forms of healing as seamlessly & knowledgeably as chanelle does, & she has a special knack for knowing just what it is that each person needs” – Katarina Weiss Andersson, Holistic Wellness Practitioner & Host of the Queer Wellness Podcast


Certified herbalist from the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine

Certified doula from ToLabor

Certified abortion doula from Boston Doula Project

Former student midwife at Birthwise

Former apprentice midwife with Savannah Midwifery, Birthwise, & Midcoast Midwifery


Parking out front available, ground-floor healing space.

Owner Message

PRICING: very much depends on the session style. Fixed rate for consultations is $165 for first visits; fixed rate for the lower cost version of these sessions is $65; fixed rate for tarot is $85. Sliding scale for return consultation clients is $110-165. Sliding scale for mentorships is $60-130. I accept trades on occasion and offer 3 free email-based consults for BIPOC. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Groups / Circles / Classes, Individual time in communal setting. SESSION LOCATIONS: In-person, Phone-based, Text-based (Email/SMS). COMPENSATION TYPES: Donation-based, Fixed Rate, Sliding Scale, Free For Specific Client Types, Trade / Barter. PAYMENT METHODS: Bank Check, PayPal, Cash, Personal Check, Venmo, Credit Cards, Debit Cards.

Queer Healer team

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