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About devynn

devynn emory is a choreographer, dance artist, bodyworker/massage therapist, ceremonial guide, acute care and hospice Nurse currently working as a COVID-19 Nurse.


Trauma-informed massage therapy, individual or group ceremonial/transition work, mediumship/passageway/spirit work, pre-natal/post-natal work, post-op scar tissue therapy.

Client Testimonials

“devynn is an amazing massage therapist with the most perfect and intuitive touch AND also a wonderful person who is a true advocate for my body and an educator on issues of the body and the mind-body connection. For years now I have left after each appointment feeling lighter: my knots and muscle tension worked out and with a greater understanding of and respect for my own body. devynn is truly a marvel and there is no massage therapist I would recommend more.” – Client


“I have been seeing devynn consistently for the last 2 years. I initially came to see them for tight hamstrings and a chronic lower back pain, from what I assumed to be years of intense competitive athleticism and dancing. In addition to working on my physical body, devynn helped me to see and make sense of the emotional trauma that I stored in those areas. Last year, I experienced two pregnancy losses, both of which devynn went above and beyond, helping me to stay connected to my body, in a time where I wanted nothing more than to disconnect. I feel more connected to my body now than I have in my entire life, and I know that devynn has played a role in the physical as well as the emotional aspects of this growth.” – Client


License – Western Massage

License – Eastern Massage

License – Registered Nurse


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PRICING: $95/60min bodywork, $120/90min bodywork ($80-200 sliding scale), $150-$200 ritual/ceremony guidance. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Groups / Circles / Classes. SESSION LOCATIONS: In-person, Video-based (Note: In-person bodywork is currently on pause due to the global pandemic. Virtual Spiritual coaching sessions and ritual/ceremony building guidance are available). COMPENSATION TYPES: Fixed Rate, Sliding Scale. PAYMENT METHODS: PayPal, Cash, Personal Check, Venmo.

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