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About Eli

Eli Ryn Brown (they/he) is a Black, queer, and nonbinary meditation instructor and writer. He has been meditating in both the Zen and Zen Shin styles for 15 years. Currently, he leads meditations for various community, religious, and martial arts groups. As they study to become a Buddhist minister, they use their martial arts and meditation experience to bring accessible community healing options to marginalized groups and people in need. Their practice is grounded in meditation as an act of abolition.


Trauma-informed and Accessible Meditation, Body, and Breathwork.

Client Testimonials

“Sensei Eli has been a critical part of my daughter’s recovery from anorexia. His weekly meditation sessions have guided her through challenging emotions and improved her ability to engage in her healing. His gentle and affirming style has caused her to adopt meditation as a daily practice and has given her effective tools to reduce feelings of anxiety.” – Mary


“After recommending Eli’s sessions to everyone I know, I’m happy to do so again! Working with Eli has strengthened and deepened my meditation practice profoundly. His guidance is suffused with firm generosity and kindness. His knowledge and expertise is offered with the enthusiasm and encouragement of a friend. In both group and one on one sessions, Eli has been open, responsive, and professional. I’m grateful to have met and to continue to work with Eli!” – Tim



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PRICING: $10-45 per up to 1-hr session, sliding scale. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Groups / Circles, Families. SESSION LOCATIONS: Video-based. COMPENSATION TYPES: Sliding Scale, Pay What You Can. PAYMENT METHODS: Venmo, PayPal, Bank Transfer.

Queer Healer team


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  • elicollabs@gmail.com