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About Elle

Yoga is a powerful tool for radical transformation. The practices give us the tools for deep enquiry, compassion and the discovery of new ways of being. For that reason, making yoga practices accessible to every body, especially folks in bodies less valued by dominant culture, is my driving passion. I work to empower and support all students regardless of size, gender, shape or ability.


Accessible Yoga, Embodiment Coaching.

Client Testimonials

“What I love most about Elle’s teaching is how she weaves together the depth of her knowledge of yoga, movement and breath with genuine inclusivity. I feel welcomed exactly as I am when I take her classes and this helps me to find freedom and ease as I learn. She can lead you in strength and skill or rest and stillness with equal care and I walk away from class feeling like I got just what I needed. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone; from a beginner to a years-experienced practitioner. Seek her out if you’re looking for a teacher who truly believes yoga is for all and will help you believe it too.” – Maya K.


“I have been working with Elle for the past year and it has truly become essential to my balance, physical and emotional well-being, and weekly rhythm. Elle’s warmth and presence is palpable. She has a way of making me feel welcome, accepted and supported throughout the practice by guiding me with her gentle and carefully chosen words, crafting each session into a journey. A strong and charismatic teacher, Elle leads by example – she never shies away from sharing her own struggles with a pose or her practice, making me feel adequate and giving me a true sense of belonging time and again. Approachable and always available for her students, she encourages dialogue by taking her practice to the wider community, welcoming one and all regardless of background, gender, race or experience. Each session is an invitation to connect with myself, to soften and open, to tune in with my inner self and to reconnect with the environment. I wholeheartedly recommend Elle’s classes to anyone, especially those who struggle to find their space in the yoga practice – Elle is a caring and accepting teacher who will guide you through your personal practice and help you to adjust it until you feel comfortable and confident.” – Cécile D.



I have trained with Diane Bondy and Amber Karnes in Accessible Yoga practices.

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PRICING: Variable depending on the service. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Groups / Circles / Classes. SESSION LOCATIONS: In-person, Video-based. COMPENSATION TYPES: Fixed Rate, Sliding Scale, Trade / Barter. PAYMENT METHODS: Bank Transfer, PayPal, Cash.

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