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About Emilie

I am a queer non-binary holistic healer with a focus in Tarot and reiki. Apprentice of Maa Devi and forever a student.

Client Testimonials

“I was very anxious about the reading. I worry I’m too emotionally closed, or just a bit too skeptical to benefit from tarot. Yet, [Emilie] manages to voice my inner worries and thoughts EVERY time. It’s wild to me that I feel so calmed afterwards. [Emilie] gives me just the push I need sometimes. I thank you for helping me continue to grow and open myself up.” – Fernando, Chicago


“I can’t tell you how much your words and insight on these things helped me. Without having the truth of my situation in front of me, spelling out all the things I was thinking and feeling, I would have kept avoiding what was necessary… Now I’m ready to make plans for my future and where I want it to go.” – Megan, Hawaii


Certified Reiki Level 2

Attuned and guided through my spiritual journey by Yvonne E. Nieves, RMT


I am able to drive to local clients within 20 miles of Chicago, IL. I can provide all of my services at a distance. All of my services are accessible to those hard of hearing or with altered vision.

Owner Message

PRICING: Tarot: Sliding $7-$10 per card. Specialty Readings: flat rate, pricing available on website. Reiki: Sliding $45-60. I will not turn anyone away based on financial circumstances. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Multiple Partners / Polycules, Individual time in communal setting, Couples / Dyads, Groups / Circles, Families. SESSION LOCATIONS: In-person, Video-based, Text-based (Email/SMS), Phone-based. COMPENSATION TYPES: Fixed Rate, Pay What You Can, Sliding Scale. PAYMENT METHODS: Bank Transfer, Cash, Venmo, CashApp, PayPal.

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