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About Esteban

I primarily offer coaching and online classes on decolonized cooking, nutrition, cleansing, trauma healing, cannabis medicine, permaculture, social justice healing and integration facilitation. For BIPOC, Indigenous, Multiracial, Two Spirit, Queer, Chicano/a, Latinx, and White Allies. And some Deep Tissue and Thai bodywork occasionally.


Decolonized Nutrition and Cooking Instructor; Trauma-Informed Body Worker.

Client Testimonials

“Esteban heals severed connections. I think his strength lies in helping us build healthy relationships between our bodies and our food. Coming into his class, I knew I had a strained relationship with food, but not how much. Living as we do, in the fast-paced style of the West, food is defined by convenience, calories, and marketing. It isn’t about our relationship in preparing it. This leads to an unhealthy relationship with not only ourselves but the environment and our farmworkers. I grew up thinking I needed to fit a Western standard of beauty when it comes to weight. It comes as no surprise to me that my relationship with food is one filled with great discomfort and shame. At some point, I disassociated from the enjoyment of preparing or eating of food to negate what I had experienced.

I came to these classes with no expectations. I was just curious. I had the confluence of extra time, having to stay home, and missing my mother who had to shelter in-place, with no internet reception. Having no regular family contact led me to start preparing more dishes that my mother would cook. As if by preparing them I could at least in this way reconnect to my family who I missed. I felt a change come over me during the first class. Esteban’s patience and cooking with my mother reminded me of me and my mother cooking. Also, I had never been in a setting where people talked about the preparation of food with such love and respect for where it comes from. I began to heal the severed connections to my ancestral recipes that came from my mother. I began to let go of my shame and realize what a beautiful thing it is to have our Mother Earth give us this bounty and what a sacred duty we have to protect it. And like a warm breeze coming in through the window, this seed of change took hold and changed the way our whole family relates to food.” – Sarah M.S. (Immigration Attorney & Gardner)


“Esteban has been a pleasure to work with, both on an educational workshop (we collaborated on back in 2018) as well as a health coach. I signed up as a student for his Ancient Future, Ancestral Foods cooking class. It was incredibly informative, thoughtful, and fun to try so many delicious new recipes, with rich history and storytelling in each dish. I highly recommend folks try a class or session with Esteban!” – Nathalie M. (Food Justice Organizer & UC Berkeley Student)


For my nutrition work I was certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Bauman College and am accredited through the ACEND. I was trained in body work through the Lane Community College Massage Program and am accredited through the NCBTMB.


I’m able to offer an outdoor garden space to meet, which is very accessible. I can meet online for those who have difficulty traveling, or prefer not to. I can offer a safe, sanitized space indoors during covid.


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PRICING: For one-on-one nutrition coaching/cooking instruction I charge $50-80hr (pay what you're able). I also offer group nutrition coaching, rates vary. For body work I charge $70-120/hr (pay what you're able, depending on modalities and travel expenses). I hope to offer online instruction classes online soon. Prices are in US dollars. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Couples / Dyads, Groups / Circles / Classes, Multiple Partners / Polycules. SESSION LOCATIONS: Phone-based, Video-based, In-person. COMPENSATION TYPES: Sliding Scale. PAYMENT METHODS: Cash, PayPal, Venmo.

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