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About Gabriel

Gabriel Daly is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, artist, Priestexx, media and business intuitive energetic consultant, and a social, cultural, and gender equity, eco-conscious advocate for Mama Gaia; and has a vision of creating Gaia-Centric Wealth and Prosperity. Gabriel’s offerings are intersectional, each experience is different much like each person. utilizing the potent Karuna Reiki, readings, herbalism, spirit work amongst others to support in living your best, most opulent life hence the Career Coaching and Consultation.

Gabriel’s pronouns are he/him/his and his being in this lifetime comes from the intersectional perspective of a Lantinx and trans masculine. Gabriel’s mission in this lifetime is to breakthrough barriers and limitations that we, humans, have created for ourselves and to ground Light into Earth by supporting in the acceleration of our collective human ascension.

You can follow Gabriel’s journey via his Instagram handles: @gabemorningstar and @opulencehaus


Client Testimonials

“I received a reiki session from Gabriel in which he was able to tell me exactly what my body needed to restore it back to health! I followed the recommendation and felt much better after a couple of weeks of following the regimen that was needed. When I receive reiki from Gabriel its a very heart opening experience in which i feel deeply seen and heard. I was able to just let go of the limiting beliefs and fears that I had around the fact that “I can’t create anything” and proceeded with a full heart toward my passion once again. I felt restored and radiant through his medicine.” – Hara


“After our session, that was the first time in months that I had restful sleep that night and during the session. I definitely felt different. Like some things were gone but more so like I had been renewed, like things were put back into their set space.” – Samekh


Karuna Reiki Certified

Usui Reiki Master Certified

Contributor to:
Guest Speaker on PriestessingTheParadigmShift’s Virtual Red Tent Membership
Cycles Journal’s Embodied Solstice Summit 2020


My practice sessions are open to everyone because they are virtual and are not dependent on outside physical factors. If they are in-person, there is door-to-door parking and no stairs.


Owner Message

SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Groups / Circles / Classes. SESSION LOCATIONS: Phone-based, Video-based, In-person, Text-based (Email/SMS) (Note: All sessions are Virtual). COMPENSATION TYPES: Fixed Rate, Sliding Scale, Work-for-access, Trade / Barter, Pay What You Can. PAYMENT METHODS: Cryptocurrency, Venmo, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cash.

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