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About Gala

Gala Mukomolova was born in Moscow, a city that doesn’t believe in tears, and raised across the world in Brooklyn, a city that spreads love. Gala is a poet who has been writing horoscopes for six years. She works with the heavenly bodies: planets, gods, stars, and spirit to help her querent navigate their path.


Client Testimonials

“Working with Gala was a balm for my spirit. She offered me focused, direct, insightful feedback on my chart with gentleness, compassion, and curiosity. She strikes a beautiful balance of poetry and groundedness, levity and gravity. She has helped anchor a spiritual practice for me that makes sense for my life and what I’m working to heal around right now. I feel grateful for her wisdom, her easy kindness, her sincerity, and her deep skills.” – Client


“My reading with Gala felt like a creative collaboration in the best way, working together to get some guidance from the cards and stars. She is intuitive, grounded, funny, and very smart. As a creative queer, it’s a powerful and affirming thing to truly feel seen by a healing arts practitioner. I talked to Gala at the crossroads of some challenging, life changing circumstances and find myself looking back at that reading often, particularly when I need a reminder of where to put my energies most effectively. Grateful for Gala’s gifts and care and excited to work with her again.” – Client



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SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Groups / Circles. SESSION LOCATIONS: Video-based, In-person, Virtual. COMPENSATION TYPES: Sliding Scale, Trade / Barter. PAYMENT METHODS: Cash, Venmo, PayPal, Bank Transfer.

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