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About Gina

Long Spell is Gina Badger’s Vancouver-based private clinical practice. Gina practices energetic clinical herbalism, a healing modality that promotes wellbeing through the use of whole plant medicines.


Resourcing sexual and reproductive health, immunity, healthy microbiomes, boundary work, grief, and life transitions.

Client Testimonials

“I was initially drawn to working with Gina because I value her intersectional liberation-focused politics, and I continue to work with her because of her nurturing patience with my layered health issues. I appreciate how much progress we’ve made in a relatively short time. And, as we continue to go deeper, I value the generous way she communicates her approach. I’ve learned a lot thanks to her openness, and I also feel safe and empowered, which I think contributes a great deal to healing in the long run.” – Client, 2016-17


“When I first started seeing Gina, I was recovering from three consecutive, life altering surgeries. My emotional and physical states were shaken and weak. Gina provided space for my anxieties, fears, and the small steps that propelled us forward in my well-being. The results haven’t been immediate—healing requires faith. For me, it is most palpable when I think about where I was two years ago and where I am now, having regained a full night’s sleep, a sense of calm, and even self-worth. These are my big victories.” – Client, 2016-17


Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine: full-time and advanced programs (2015-18)

Compassion Roots Wellness Centre: Student Clinic (2017-18)

Wild Seed School of Herbal Studies: intermediate materia medica (2019)

Emery Herbals: Advanced Clinical Herbalism (in process 2020-21)


Home office: accessible by public transit, street parking available; steps to enter the building and up to the second floor; space is not scent-free.

For those whose access needs are not met by this space, a second practice space (step-free entrance, elevator access, scent-free) or a home visit can be booked.

Please note that during the COVID-19 pandemic, all sessions are held virtually by phone.

Owner Message

PRICING: Standard rate: $100/session; Acute care: $25-75 sliding scale. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Groups / Circles / Classes. SESSION LOCATIONS: Phone-based, In-person. COMPENSATION TYPES: Fixed Rate, Sliding Scale. PAYMENT METHODS: Bank Transfer, PayPal, Credit Cards.

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