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About Golden

golden’s offerings emerge from their many years of work/education in queer reproductive justice, full spectrum reproductive/life-portal carework, integrative folk herbalism, and various lineages of craniosacral therapy. their approach to inter-generational/dimensional bodymind care is rooted in disability justice and their lived experience as a working class, queer, trans, neurodiverse, life-long crip.


bodymind community care: integrative folk herbalism, spiritual/medical transitions, full-spectrum reproductive care, biodynamic energy work, grief/rites of passage exploration/guidance, shadow work integration, life-portal carework, compassionate containers to support your growth journey through spiritual, magical and liberation cosmologies.

consultation and education oriented toward: queer folk herbalism, LGBTQAI+ justice, disability justice, reproductive justice, neurodivergence, (complex) trauma, cult(ural) relational dynamics, care web creation/mutual aid, justice oriented care practices, environmental toxins (mold/multiple chemical sensitivities), lyme/post-viral and autoimmune support outside the medical industrial complex, integrative microdosing, dream work, relational/energetic boundaries.

Client Testimonials

“lunation somatics offers cosmic queer liberation, transformative herbalism, biodynamic carework, energy work, light channeling, oracle guidance, somatic mindfulness and integrative ritual through their website, as well as some truly elegant herbal blends. i’ve been loving the soft soft tincture for easing my anxiety, and their breath work tincture has helped my lungs so much in recovering from the covid tightness. their patreon is awesome, and golden’s playlists and ray’s meditations have each found their integral place in my recovery. and in case that isn’t enough raving, i’ve been doing virtual consultations with golden, and honestly can’t say enough about how profoundly healing and meaningful those have been for me.” – rebecca


“Trusting and working with Golden was the best thing ever. They held such a strong healing container with emotional support, herbalism, and many other tools they shared with me through our time when I needed loving and solid support traveling through that portal (the time before, during and after my abortion). So grateful they exist in this exquisite way.” – R


CST (via Carol Gray)

Full-Spectrum Care Work (including all “reproductive care” and folk/clinical herbalism via Birthingway College of Midwifery’s doula and midwifery programs)


as my own access needs and ethical frameworks have shifted, so have my ideas about what shape my community care offerings could take. the pandemic and mutable needs of community in response to the uprisings have also informed and transmuted the nature of my offerings. they are now and for the foreseeable future, entirely remote and may take many forms – for example i may begin work with someone around supporting their creation of a care network and then begin a custom herbal blend to support a life transition or grief work. therefore, i intentionally keep the nature of the offerings open-ended so that the relationship of care can be so.

*i am a disabled person and that impacts how i work and communicate with folks; those impacts are variable. i very much welcome conversation around what your access needs are, how we can work to meet our different access needs and I am always open to those agreements to being variable, as well.


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PRICING: i offer my time on a sliding-scale from $77-166/hr - all my herbal offerings are variable and also offered at discounts for BIPOC folks, etc. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Couples / Dyads, Individual time in communal setting, Families, Multiple Partners / Polycules, Groups / Circles / Classes. SESSION LOCATIONS: Phone-based, Text-based (Email/SMS), Video-based. COMPENSATION TYPES: Donation-based, Free for Specific Client Types, Sliding Scale, Trade / Barter, Pay What You Can, Work-for-access. PAYMENT METHODS: Bank Transfer, Credit Cards, PayPal, Venmo, Debit Cards.

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