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About Haley

Haley Smith is an astrologer who weaves collective liberation and personal transformation through the ancient practice of astrology. Her work is rooted in decolonizing, healing, and bringing people back to the truth of who they are. Haley’s work is a radical affront to the systems of oppression designed to disconnect people from themselves and from the fullest expression of their deepest power and gifts.

A self-taught student of astrology for almost a decade, Haley weaves myth, magic, Black feminism, and more in her work. She has collaborated with individuals, companies, and leadership teams to apply astrology as a tool for both personal growth and business strategy. Additionally, she spent a year in Malaysia as a Fulbright scholar teaching English and building international solidarity in the movement for Black lives. Haley’s work to weave new futures spans many pathways and many lands –– and the work continues.


Natal Astrology.

Client Testimonials

“This reading explained the past so that I may be more present now and prepare (and prosper) in the future. I was most intrigued by the Chiron work to be done. A little part of me knew what needed to be brought to the surface and worked through, but the reading illuminated that and offered a lot of insight. I’m normally a very cheery person, everything is great and amazing on the outside but I’ve always sensed this inner turmoil and the reading showed me where it stemmed from… With that being said it gave me a reason and platform to start a conversation to kick the work into high gear. This reading also gave me hella confidence. It truly made me understand that I am that chick. I got the juice. I have everything I need. Just have to put it out there; to myself and to the world.” – T.W.


“I gained a deeper understanding of how I relate to other people. There were so many moments when Haley was reading my chart that events in my life and interactions I’ve been puzzled about suddenly “clicked” for me. I began to pay closer attention to my impulses to be creative. This reading sparked a series of important realizations in my life that had to do with recognizing my own creative potential. It encouraged me to pay closer attention to my own internal turbulence and calm. It even impacted how I started to carry myself, with more confidence. I learned to trust the way that I feel, an instinct that has been conditioned out of us in a capitalist, racist world that insists that “seeing” is the only way to know. I felt closer to my ancestors and began to be attentive to signs in my dreams that I could connect to aspects of my chart. I attribute the reading to a series of self-realizations and growth in my life that happened directly after. I realized I had been neglecting my creativity and my inner worlds. In the span of time since my reading, I gained insights that created the spark to relaunch my jewelry business, wrote a poetry book that I had been struggling with for a year, pursued therapy, and started to incorporate spiritual rituals and meditative practices more regularly into my life.” – B.G.


“B.A. in Anthropology, University of Arkansas ’15

Fulbright Scholar in Malaysia ’16


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SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one. SESSION LOCATIONS: Video-based, In-person, Pre-recorded Sessions. COMPENSATION TYPES: Fixed Rate. PAYMENT METHODS: Debit Cards, Credit Cards.

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