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About Hara

I offer earth, womb and heart centric intuitive healing modalities. My work is based upon deconstruction and decolonization of ourselves through activating our inner animal, inner tree and inner divine codes so we can live abundantly on the divine’s payroll. I can guide you on how to love ALL aspects of you. I naturally have a very transmutative energy in which once I enter your field it will catalyze your journey in many different ways. One of my greatest passion is to walk with those who are feeling called to heal deeply seeded Christian wounds and awaken their life force energy and sacred sexuality as well as activating their abundance codes. In addition to that, I contribute and advocate toward inclusivity and equity in healing spaces for the gender expansive folks in spaces that are already holding spaces for cis-gendered community by educating them on how to be more gender expansive supportive in their offerings and what true inner colonialism does to our society.

Best way to follow my upcoming offerings is through Instagram: @The.Genderless.Witch


Initiations: Usui Reiki 1,2,3 initiations for those who want to become reiki practitioners and coming soon: Blue Star Celestial Energy.

Reiki, Shamanic & Intuitive Guidance: Blue Star Celestial Energy, Akashic Records, light language, shamanic drumming and journeys. Channeling & mediumship. As well as utilization of Usui & Karuna Reiki. Seeing your blind spots & overcoming through your deepest fears & blockages.

Embodiment practices: Womb healing, Yoni massage, Yoni dearmoring, Yoni egg, Yoni steam, Sacred Rage Den (anger transmutation), sacred sexuality healing, chest massage. Working with ALL the trans, intersex & gender expansive community to explore their reproductive space as well as their womb healing. Space-holding for healing guilt and shame of sexual beings including sex workers, conscious BDSM.

Yoni crystals, steams & wands: blessed, reiki charged & moon bathed Yoni eggs, Yoni wands & Yoni steams

Religious woundings: Christian wounds (those who have very religious childhood) & Magdalene teachings. Finding the inner divine within not separate.

Herbalism: herbal consultations through shamanic herbalism & plant communication. Custom tea, elixir and Yoni steam blends.

Access Bars: 1-1 on site sessions

Money & Abundance Practices: manifestation Magick & guidance! Energetic business consultations to move you along your business blockages as well as activating your sacred inner Gaia centric wealth birth right!

The sessions will be guided through you and uniquely tailored based on what your needs are once we are in the container together! In many cases it will combine multiple modalities mentioned above.

Client Testimonials

“I had a Genderless Womb Healing session by Hara and it was an experience unlike any other. It was my first time having this done so I was pretty amazed by the results. Hara started by pulling cards and intuitively scanning me to see what needed to be worked on. Hara’s intuition was absolutely correct and addressed the healing that I needed at the time. After that there was Shamanic drumming which was relaxing and helped cleared my mind (my favorite part). During the healing session Hara walked me through what she was clearing and working on which made me feel comfortable. After the session she answered any questions that I had and recommended material to help me as well. I highly recommend a her services. It will be extremely transformative for anyone’s personal growth.” – Goddess Cookie Felix


“I’m a Reiki master, medicine musician, & shamanic student on my own intense spiritual pathway, & I can say Hara’s medicine put a significant dent in my healing in one day. My ceremonial intuitive healing session with this Goddexx was nothing short of amazing, powerful, transformative, joyful, & catalytic. Every choice they made felt highly intentional, sacred, & attuned to the rhythm of my needs. First they welcomed me into their beautiful space & offered me a cup of the best cacao witchbrew I’ve ever had. They introduced me to all of the flowers which called to her for the ceremony, & was spot on in the choice of flower & color to represent me & help me to feel even more at home in my body & her space. They offered me a tarot reading, much of which she had done in advance, & again, was spot on down to specific individuals whose toxicity I needed to avoid. From there they invited me to lay down before covering me in sweet smelling purple flowers & giving me the best energy work session I’ve ever had. (Their use of Reiki in this session convinced me to add her lineage of Karuna Reiki to my repertoire; I’m so excited for the course this month!) They also moved energy for me with her medicine songs & the help of her enchanting, deerskin drum, which she made themself. I felt major shifts in my womb, sweet rippling floods of musical energy bursting into my legs, & up through my heart & out my crown. It was ecstasy, or so I thought until they covered me in a furry blanket to bask in utter flowery coziness with a huge grin on my starry-eyed face. THEN they returned with a plate of berries which, in my highly attuned sensual state, nearly induced an orgasm (I am NOT kidding lol, & this is not my norm…) Last we debriefed while they soaked my feet in a warm ritual bath of flowers & dried herbs. They got on her hands & knees in service & dried my feet themself. Be still my warm fuzzy heart! I felt so taken care of & cherished & am so grateful for the wisdom & influence shared by this precious priestess ever since. Not only are they a beautiful soul, but it is clear they have done the work for themself & is overflowing with gifts to share with others. You will not regret your time, energy, goods, or money spent on any of her services!” – Veela Von Trap


Registered Karuna Reiki Practitioner

Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Access Bars Certification

Juicy Feminine Leadership

Blue Star Celestial Energy

Shamanic Herbalism – Gaia school of Healing and Earth Medicine

Contributor to:

Empowered Modern Witches Summit 2020 by Lupine Hollow

Juicy Feminine Leadership by Modern Goddess Lifestyle

Earth & Wise Womb Medicine – “Not All Womb Carriers Identify as Woman”

The Goddess Moves Conversation – “Healing Space Equity, Black, & Brown Voices”

Creatrix Codes 2020 – Module 11 Heart Centric Leadership


For on-site sessions: the space is accessible for those who have disabilities. I can also do almost all of my sessions distantly. Virtual 1-1 sessions, extended 1-1 containers for 3-12 weeks, and virtual workshops at different tiers and sliding scale.

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SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Multiple Partners / Polycules, Groups / Circles, Couples / Dyads. SESSION LOCATIONS: In-person, Phone-based, Text-based (Email/SMS), Video-based. COMPENSATION TYPES: Donation-based, Fixed Rate, Sliding Scale, Trade / Barter. PAYMENT METHODS: Cash, Venmo, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrency.

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  • Hara@themonarchtemple.com