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Herbalism, breathwork, writing, and ceremony for the tender and tough. Trauma experienced, queer, and trans centered practice offering herbal remedies, sliding scale herbal consultations, 1:1 sliding scale breathwork sessions and group workshops. Editor of the 2016 anthology ‘Queering Sexual Violence: Radical Voices from Within the Anti-Violence Movement’ and author of the 2020 ‘The Power of Breathwork: Simple Practices to Promote Wellbeing’. Currently working virtually and in the future, northern New Mexico, NYC and beyond.


Trauma-informed, Sliding Scale, Harm Reduction.

Client Testimonials

“I am a person with sometimes excruciating shame around even having a body; to feel such deep acceptance and safety as Jennifer watches me breathe and at times make sounds and movements I don’t feel fully in control of -an experience I would normally find intolerable- is a strong testament to the power of her presence. Jennifer makes a container in which interwoven layers of restoration can happen: as well as being supported to work through whatever material I bring, the shared witnessing provides a potent antidote to the shame and the experiences that instilled it. Before starting I was unsure how this modality would feel in a virtual session, but Jennifer is extremely skilled in making a connection this way. Me, Jennifer, her playlist, my breath – it makes for strong medicine!” – Gem


“I wanted to tell you how wonderful the Panic Bloom elixir has been for me. In July, I visited family for the first time since being on testosterone and was absolutely panicked. Two drops of the tincture completely settled me. Allowed me to breathe. I was so so grateful to have it. Thank you.” – E.


2019 8 week Awakening Energy Work & Breathwork Course, Jessica Dibb & team

2019 Breathwork Healer Training Level 3 & 4, David Elliott

2017 Breathwork Healer Training Level 1, Erin Telford

2017 Full Day Training, Psychedelic Harm Reduction & Integration, The Psychedelic Education & Continuing Care Program

2016 Certificate of Completion, Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy Training, Andrew Tatarsky, The Center for Optimal Living & The New School for Social Research

2016 MA in Individualized Studies at Goddard College, thesis on translating and healing embodied traumatic experience through somatic practices, explored through critical and creative nonfiction and healing modalities

2009 Training to be a Community Organizer & Facilitator for a project on sexual violence in a community in Brooklyn

2009 Rape Crisis Counselor Training, St. Vincent’s Hospital for overnight on-call patient advocacy


Not currently working in a physical place because of COVID, member of The Breathe Network (a network of trauma-informed, sliding-scale, holistic healing arts practitioners), background and training as a rape crisis counselor in an emergency room in NYC and a community organizer in NYC.

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PRICING: 1:1 Breathwork & Herb Consultations: $80-170 // Breathwork: 2x $40 sessions per month, if the lower end of the scale is out of reach, for BIPOC / queer / trans / low income / sick / disabled people. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Couples / Dyads, Multiple Partners / Polycules, Groups / Circles / Classes. SESSION LOCATIONS: In-person, Video-based. COMPENSATION TYPES: Sliding Scale. PAYMENT METHODS: Bank Transfer, PayPal, Venmo, Credit Cards, Debit Cards.

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