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About Jess

Hi! I’m Jess and I have been an LMT for 12 years, learning year by year as I practice and evolve. As a queer person I want to create a safe space of healing and wellness within my community, where people feel recognized and cared for. I specialize in deep tissue/reflexive work, trigger point therapy, Swedish massage and reflexology. I also have many accrued hours/training in a gentle, energetic modality called Orthobionomy and am working towards my certification. In general, I love combining energy work into my touch/therapeutic practice.


As I continuously study and practice, my work is very esoteric and trauma-informed. I work with peoples’ nervous systems, mostly, and inducing the parasympathetic response is my goal. This grounding, relaxing work is an individual process and I work with each person integrating their own unique needs. The Orthobionomy practice that I study is very gentle and energetic, and the client can remain clothed throughout the session. I am also pre and post natal certified.

Client Testimonials

“Jess is an extremely talented and knowledgeable massage therapist who both creates a very relaxing experience during the session and has a deep impact on my chronic pain, that usually I only get after really painful massages. I especially recommend them as a queer and trans person who is often uncomfortable with providers who don’t understand trans bodies. They’re also doing the most to be safe and conscientious during covid times.” – JB


“I have dealt with chronic body pain my whole life (mostly my lower back and hips) and have sought out different body workers over the years to remedy this. Jess is one of the best that I have encountered. They have an intuitive sense of the body that skillful practitioners have and use language while doing the work that makes me feel at ease. After our sessions I always feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and both their observations about my body, coupled with my own post massage, make me feel more in-tune with my body.” – Kristina


Pre and Post Natal Certified


I am not ADA compliant as I live and work in a very old brownstone, but I am able to travel with my table to your home.

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PRICING: Sliding scale is BIPOC centered and is $65-$90/hour or $110-$135/90 min. Regular rates are $100/hour and $150/90 min. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one. SESSION LOCATIONS: In-person. COMPENSATION TYPES: Sliding Scale, Trade / Barter, Fixed Rate. PAYMENT METHODS: Cash, Venmo, Personal Check.

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