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About Jordie

Holding a space of authentic connection, facilitating people to recognise patterns of limitation that get stuck in their body, and finding the tools and techniques to release those patterns.


Energetic Kinesiology is my training. Medical intuitive. Specialities: trauma, queer, and gender diversity; brain integration, nervous system, spiritual and emotional exploration and clearing, anxiety, and depression.

Client Testimonials

“Jordie was my first introduction to Kinesiology and changed my life. The impact they have had on my life as a practitioner, mentor, teacher and friend is immeasurable and my gratitude for their wisdom, skill and openness doesn’t have words for the enormity of feeling. My life is unrecognizable in the most perfect way and their facilitation has helped every step of the way.” – Client


“Jordie’s sessions are always just what I need. I especially appreciate their depth of understanding and experience when it comes to supporting me in moving through blocks at any level of mind body or spirit. Whether I end up laughing or crying or both, the benefits of our sessions in day to day life are always noticeable.” – Client


Certificate 4 – Kinesiology

Diploma of Kinesiology

International Diploma of Kinesiology

Advanced Diploma of Kinesiopractor®

Medical Intuitive

ICPKP Senior Kinesiology Teacher/Trainer


Online sessions are accessible to all with internet access. Face to face, there is a set of stairs. Parking is available.

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SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Couples / Dyads, Groups / Circles / Classes. SESSION LOCATIONS: In-person, Video-based. COMPENSATION TYPES: Fixed Rate. PAYMENT METHODS: Bank Transfer, Cash, PayPal.

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