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About Julz

Julz Bolinayen (they/them/siya) is an Ilokano (Fil-Am) non-binary queer artist and initiated Hilot Binabaylan – a practitioner trained in the ancient healing arts and sciences of the Philippines. Julz specializes in ancestral healing rituals through tattoo ritual, divination, channeling, serenade, energy healing, and bodywork.

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Tattoo Ritualist and Hilot Binabaylan – Practitioner of ancient/ancestral Philippine Healing Arts and Sciences: Trauma-Informed Tattooing, Ritual Tattoo, Grief/Release Ritual, Soul Re-Alignment Ritual, Hilot, Philippine Ancestral Medicine, Philippine-Based Energy Work, Body Work, Divination, Intuitive, Channeling, and Psychic Mediumship.

Client Testimonials

“What my new moon magnetic resonance Tattoo ceremony with Julz meant for me: Indigeneity is not frozen in time – blood quantum lies – all parts make whole. I claim my ancestry on my skin-the fresh symbol of Etznab on my chest bending non linear time revealing that my chest wore & remembers this from the before. Etznab the season that called me into existence – The way of the Obsidian Mirror-the Knife- the protector of my kind- Separation Integration Liberation” – AlĂ©


“This past Sunday I received my first hand poked ritual tattoo with Julz. Julz created a safe intimate space for my tattoo ceremony from sharing space and knowledge in my consultation until the end of my ceremony. We talked story the whole time as the weather changed from sunshine to rain and from rain to sunshine again… The tattoo I received is symbolic to my cultural heritage and is dedicated to my paternal and maternal grandparents. From the lands where they were born and raised and the knowledge they instilled and continue to instill in me everyday. I descend from a lineage of healers and I feel it in my blood in bones… Looking at this tattoo everyday is a reminder that their spirit and smiles continue to guide me and give my hands strength to heal. This whole experience was transformative to say the least. Thank you.” – Michelle


I am an initiated Hilot Binabaylan through the Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing in the Philippines, trained through the Hilot Academy of Binabaylan (HABI).

I am also a student of Curanderismo through the Ancestral Apothecary school of herbal, folk, and ancestral medicine, and I am continuously guided by the divine Diwatas and Anitos of my lineage.


Currently only offering virtual video calls or phone calls for ritual readings. I am hard of hearing so I do my best to offer enough text and captioning available.

Potential for tattoo ritual in person if a healing space/studio is available for me to work out of in a city where there is rapid testing and COVID safety protocols are in place for the ritual.

For in person sessions, I do my best to ensure renting ADA-compliant spaces with elevators available, doorways and bathrooms that are accessible to wheelchair users and those who need larger accessible space, parking out front, and bus lines close to the space.

Currently 2 free readings are available for Trans/NB/2Spirit Black and Indigenous folks monthly.

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PRICING: Tattoo Rituals are a fixed rate. Sliding scale and Partial Trade/Barter is possible on case by case conversation with clients. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Groups / Circles (Note: groups/circles are for workshops; small group (3 folks) during tattoo ritual: client, tattoo doula, and tattoo ritualist). SESSION LOCATIONS: Phone-based, Video-based (Note: 1:1 virtually during COVID; 1:1 in person post-COVID for readings). COMPENSATION TYPES: Fixed Rate. PAYMENT METHODS: Cash, CashApp, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Gift Cards, PayPal, Venmo, Bank Check, Bank Transfer, Personal Check. NOTE: Matriarchal Business Model as created/taught by Clarinda Tusitala.

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