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About Keisha

The Hood Alchemist, Keisha Soleil is an Afro-Indigenous artist and Shaman, who uses her voice and vision as a means to decolonize life as we know it. Infusing together culture, art and holistic practices to create collaborative healing, and to awaken the inner alchemist in the collective as well as the individual. Everything you need to curate your own personal spiritual and wellness practice, to shift your life and transform your reality, mind, body and soul.


Mental Health, Suicide, Rebirth, Decolonization.

Client Testimonials

“There’s much to say about working with Keisha! First and foremost, she’s the truth. I reached out to her back in March of this year, right before quarantine kicked off, and it was perfect & divine timing to say the least. She has helped transform my eating habits while also helping me tackle the emotional and spiritual aspects that were associated with my eating habits. She has also provided me with new recipes and yoga sequences tailored to the work I’ve had to grow though. She has guided me back to the root of who I truly am and consistently teaches me how to maintain living a life for self/God. I am honored to be learning from her. She continuously pours into me positively, feeds me affirmations, but also never withholds the truth I must hear to stay in alignment with my highest self. She isn’t for the faint of heart; she’ll always tell it like it is. Since working with Keisha, I’ve rediscovered & continuously learn who Mariah is, I’ve lost 60lbs., gained a multitude of grounding practices, acquired a self discipline like never before, became self-employed, and officially on a path of living in full alignment to my purpose and mission. She has been an amazing guide in my journey this year. I’d recommend anyone who is willing to show up and work hard for themself to work with Keisha. If you’re ready to completely transform your life, she’s the one to help you do it!” – Client


“It is in deep rooted appreciation of Keisha’s determination to heal and share these remedies others that I highly recommend her Wellness Services to my community and the entire world. Her work is refreshingly grounded in Human Spirituality and real time accountability. It is inescapable to feel the raw essence of truth in her tarot readings, birth chart analysis and reflective heart-to-heart discussions. She is extremely prophetic in outlining a path of least resistance and the scope of work it’ll take to align with a happier healthier Soul. I always walk away from sessions feeling affirmed and confident to listen to my the needs of my spirit, mind, body and heart. Healing is a intricate journey. Connecting with leaders who practice what they preach is pivotal. By God’s Grace, my path lead me to experience the one and only Keisha Soleil. Love is medicine. She is Love. Those who look to the Sun for guidance will not be led astray.” – Client



Currently only offering virtual sessions.

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SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Families (Note: Listen, If you work with me, we are going to get to the root and get your whole life together. This work is not for the faint of heart and in the same breath I believe in you). SESSION LOCATIONS: Phone-based. COMPENSATION TYPES: Sliding Scale. PAYMENT METHODS: PayPal, CashApp, Venmo.

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