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About La Espiritista

I am a QTBIPOC intuitive healer and word conjurer based in Seattle, WA. My experience with religious trauma has led me on a path towards healing for the whole person. I currently provide my main services through ritual work, meditation, and tarot readings as well as performance poetry and word magic. My book ‘Butterfly: Una Transformación’ is a commitment towards queer spirituality.


Mindfulness Meditation, Ritual Altar Prayer Work, and Tarot Readings for QTs and QTBIPOC. Have specialized for those in sobriety or interested in sobriety.

Client Testimonials

“La Espiritista guided me through a Tarot reading with patience, explanation and a comforting vibe. I never felt rushed to understand and felt whole during the reading. I think about the reading often as elements we discussed manifest in curious, sometimes beautiful and sometimes difficult ways following. Thank you for your time and care – I highly recommend La Espiritista.” – Client


“La Espiritista provided me a tarot reading after we met at a conference. Their offering provided me clarity on needing to work through how to show up for myself in ways that I had been avoiding. It allowed me to be honest with myself and set new goals on how to move forward. I appreciated the space that they held, the ability to process, and moving towards healing.” – Client



My services come in myriad forms and can be adapted to personal and individual needs. I have an ongoing QTBIPOC Sponsorship program which white people are invited to contribute towards QTBIPOC healing. I am always seeking white folx to donate and sponsor a QTBIPOC free session. Depending how many donations I receive, I have select free services for QTBIPOC each month. I also offer 3 free healings for sober and sober interested QTBIPOC a month through a program called La Conextion!

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SESSION FORMATS: Groups / Circles, Couples / Dyads, Multiple Partners / Polycules, One-on-one. SESSION LOCATIONS: In-person, Phone-based, Text-based (Email/SMS), Video-based. COMPENSATION TYPES: Fixed Rate. PAYMENT METHODS: CashApp, Venmo, Debit Cards, PayPal, Credit Cards, Cash.

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