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About Megan

Megan Lasher (she/they) is a non-binary Tarot reader and astrologer. They believe in the healing powers of the cards and stars and draw from their counseling/mental health training to enhance readings.


Tarot for life decisions and relationships.

Client Testimonials

“Each and every time I set aside some time to practice self love and self care by asking Megan to do a tarot reading for me I am glad I did. Megan has been reading for years and her knowledge of the cards and their meaning extend far beyond what one could look up online or come out of a textbook. Megan finds ways to connect with the visuals of the card and each reading always provides me the insight and clarity I need to move forward.” – Client


“Megan gave SUCH an accurate reading of me. Reflecting on it, I felt like they saw me more accurately than anyone ever has.” – Client



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SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Couples / Dyads, Multiple Partners / Polycules. SESSION LOCATIONS: Phone-based, Text-based (Email/SMS), Video-based. COMPENSATION TYPES: Sliding Scale. PAYMENT METHODS: Venmo, Cash, Bank Transfer.

Queer Healer team

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