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About Monica

I believe in the power of spiritual liberation. Spiritual liberation requires a confrontation of oneself aligned with God, the Universe, throughout your life. Spiritual liberation is not just a one-time impactful change, but an acknowledgement that the work requires consistency, vulnerability, and joy in the uncomfortable. We navigate a world that requires a centering of racial equity, intersectionality, and collective healing through our spiritual lives.

I am a Taiwanese-American queer faith strategist. Raised in the Bay Area by immigrant parents, I support and align myself as a spiritual director and operations strategist in community work. I believe the power of forming spiritual spaces is necessary, grounding, and practical to the work I do.


Spiritual Direction for Queer and/or POC Christians.

Client Testimonials

“Through the silence, I finally hear my inner voice, I hear my true soul’s word. It would like to speak, this essence is mine and Monica has a unique and powerful ability to draw that authentic part of me out and gives it a place to simply be.” – Leanette Pokuwaah,


“Monica has provided fresh insights, deep spiritual nourishment, and graceful challenge to our people. Perhaps one of the reasons that I like working with Monica most is that she relates beautifully to those who have been harmed by religion, which is a sacred – and difficult – task. Monica empowers those burned by the church to both lament their past struggles and find hope in new spiritual possibilities. Our members still talk about the ways Monica enriched their spiritual lives and helped them become more integrated and alive human beings.” – Rev. Rich Havard, Pastor and Executive Director, Inclusive Collective


Spiritual Direction Certificate – North Park Seminary



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PRICING: $65 session, sliding scale of $25-$40 to $35-$50 for queer/POC. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Groups / Circles / Classes, Individual time in communal setting (Note: Individual sessions are 1-hour long sessions, with a 30-min free preliminary session). SESSION LOCATIONS: Video-based (Note: Currently Video-Based because of COVID-19). COMPENSATION TYPES: Trade / Barter, Sliding Scale. PAYMENT METHODS: Venmo, Personal Check.

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