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About Richael

A conjure healing shamanic practice that supports alongside folks with spirit-connection, generational healing, ritualizing, and other hard or mysterious life navigation.


Compassionate inquiry, multigenerational healing, magic doulaship, death doulaship.

Client Testimonials

“Richael is wonderful. They deeply listen and make me feel more grounded after each conversation/session. I was lucky enough to be part of their drum meditation circle. That group was a gift, especially after the 2016 election. R’s meditation group really supported me during that time. I’ve been fortunate to stay connected with them since leaving DC through conversations and experienced a one on one session. The session facilitated so much ancestral healing and growth on my white side of my family (I’m biracial). A lot of healing work I’ve done for the past decade has been on my Asian American side of my family. So to do white ancestor work during this administration has been really bizarre and also tremendously healing. Richael holds space for this kind of complexity and nuanced work. I admire them so much and feel lucky to be connected with them! Highly recommend attending one of Richael’s sessions, whether one on one or group facilitation.” – Client


“I just wanted to thank you for hosting the event last month. it was incredible to be around so many people who are focused on growth and sharing that growth. Please let me know if I can help with anything on the healing justice radar… what you are doing is a wonderful service to your community and I am so very grateful to be included.” – Client


Certificate of Shamanic Studies, completion of apprenticeship program with The Polarity Center and Shamanic Studies (2014).


Video sessions are over Zoom with closed captions.


Owner Message

PLEASE NOTE: Richael is currently closed to new individual clients, but will offer support on a case by case basis to those who contact them. SESSION FORMATS: Groups / Circles / Classes, Courses / Online Programs, Individual time in communal setting. SESSION LOCATIONS: Phone-based, Video-based, Text-based (Email/SMS). COMPENSATION TYPES: Pay What You Can, Trade / Barter. PAYMENT METHODS:

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