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About Rose

Rose Blakelock is a queer astrologer currently based out of northern New Mexico. In addition to one-on-one sessions on a sliding scale, Rose is the co-host of Big Dyke Energy, a monthly astrology and pop culture podcast that she and Gala Mukomolova produce together.


Humanistic Astrology, Queer/Trans/GNC Clients.

Client Testimonials

“I got so much meaning out of working with Rose. She helped me identify aspects of my identity and experience that I didn’t have words for, but once said aloud I felt seen and valued. She has a gentle, caring, presence and provided lots of space for questions and interactions. Somehow, she was able to offer insights and reflections while still giving me full autonomy to determine my own truth.” – Kaelan


“Rose balanced explaining the technical astrology with her spot-on intuitive interpretations. though it’s been many months since our session, things she said still continually come to mind in my day-to-day, informing both subtle and significant decisions.” – Emily



All sessions are conducted remotely and include free recordings (with client consent). I offer two discounted sessions per month for those struggling with financial access (QTBIPOC clients prioritized).

Owner Message

PRICING: $100-$155 for new clients, $50-$80 for returning clients. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one. SESSION LOCATIONS: Video-based. COMPENSATION TYPES: Sliding Scale. PAYMENT METHODS: PayPal, Venmo, Credit Cards, Debit Cards.

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