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Shelby is a queer, non-binary astrologer living and working on occupied Dakota/Ojibwe land. They believe that we are meaning-making beings who co-create reality together with the planets and our ancestors. Shelby believes that access to healing work is a human right.


Hellenistic Astrology.

Client Testimonials

“I’ve worked with several astrologers over the course of the last decade, and meeting with Shelby was one of my favorite experiences! Their approach to our session felt both rigorous and gentle, and they gave me insights that went well beyond most natal chart readings I’ve had. Having a reading done can feel very vulnerable, and at times intense, but I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard during an astrology session as I did with Shelby – some of the transits we were exploring felt quite heavy, and their wonderful sense of humor helped me feel so held even as we explored some of the shadowy depths of my chart. Shelby frequently checked in to see if I had any clarifying questions, and was always ready to re-frame a piece of insight if I was struggling to understand it. It felt like we were taking turns leading and following throughout, which I personally loved. They followed up after our session by providing me with an audio recording, and since then we’ve checked in several times about some of the themes that emerged during that initial reading and how those themes are continuing to show up in my life – each time, I leave our conversation feeling like I’ve just been handed a ton of golden nuggets of wisdom. Shelby also empowered me to do my own learning about specific areas of astrology that resonate with me, which has encouraged me to take an active role in my journey with the planets, and has left me feeling even more excited for our next reading together!” – Client


“Shelby prepared a calming, conducive space for our time together. They customized their approach to my level of familiarity with astrological terms and aspects and gladly dove deeper into areas I was curious about. They encouraged me to record our conversation and answered follow-up questions via text when I revisited the recording. Shelby is a kind, intuitive expert in their craft. I can’t wait for my next reading with them!” – Client


Member of the Association for Young Astrologers


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PRICING: Sessions from $20-$100 - or free depending on availability. Negotiations encouraged and welcomed. Paying in installments available. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Groups / Circles / Classes (Note: I'm moving into offering longer-term personalized guidance like a subscription). SESSION LOCATIONS: Video-based. COMPENSATION TYPES: Sliding Scale, Free For Specific Client Types, Trade / Barter, Pay What You Can, Work-for-access. PAYMENT METHODS: Venmo.

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