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About Suhaly

Suhaly Bautista-Carolina, Moon Mother, is an AfroDominican herbalist, artist, and community organizer. Her work lives intentionally at the intersection of plant power and people power and is lovingly guided in collaboration with her community. She has hosted plant medicine-making workshops with Gossamer, The Wing, Creative Time, Weeksville, The Museum of the City of New York, Ethel’s Club, and The Highline and her work has been featured in New York Times Magazine, Bustle, The Girl Mob, Healthyish, BitchMedia, and Fierce by Mitú. The Moon Mother is living + loving in Brooklyn with her wife and their baby girl, Luna.


Client Testimonials

“Shout out to @moonmotherapothecary organic skincare products. The Moon Mother’s comfrey skin salve was a GOD SEND when I had a cold a few weeks ago. Comfrey heals wounded skin, so I rubbed this salve all over my nose to prevent chaffing from nose-blowing. Eucalyptus oil in the salve also helped clear my sinuses. Vivaporu 2.0!” – Yisa, Inwood, NY


Thank you so much for the chamomile tincture. I planned on using it for when my daughter started teething, but I remember you telling me it’s also good to help soothe and relax the little ones. I gave half of a dropper of this tincture to my 5-month old daughter and it helped her nap during the day. This is big for me because she barely sleeps more than 45 minutes during the day. She woke up so rested with a good amount of sleep. This works, and thank you so much for making trusted products for our children.” – Lisa, Brooklyn, NY



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PRICING: dependent on the offering. Learn more: SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one. SESSION LOCATIONS: Phone-based, Video-based. COMPENSATION TYPES: Fixed Rate, Sliding Scale, Trade / Barter. PAYMENT METHODS: Bank Transfer, PayPal, Venmo, Credit Cards, Debit Cards.

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