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About Tai

Tai is a Somatic Practitioner trained in Biodynamic Craniosacral, who focuses on work at the intersection of societal transformation and wellness. She prioritizes bipoc and lgbtq communities.


Trauma-informed, Nervous System-informed, Anti-oppression, Healing Justice, Neurodivergent Justice.

Client Testimonials

“I scheduled with Tai on a whim and went into it with no expectations. The approach was calming, subtle and deep. I instantly felt safe with Tai during the session. I had so much tension in my jaw and Tai assisted me to sit in the discomfort of all that I was feeling and learning about myself. I left the session feeling contained and grounded. Tai assisted me to find a place within my own body now that felt comforting that I regularly return to now. I now too felt as accepting of the sensations in my body as I felt Tai had accepted me when we met. I felt okay experiencing every feeling without a need to change it. It was exactly what I needed to continue doing the work.” – Madison


“Please know that even though I’m twice your age and have lots of formal education, I am actually trying to unlearn so much of what I was taught and move more towards the type of practice that you already clearly have a deep affinity for.” – Carson, MD


RCST, Registered Craniosacral Therapist


I am open to using text, audio, and/or video according to access needs and sensory needs.

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SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Groups / Circles. SESSION LOCATIONS: Phone-based, Video-based, Text-based (Email/SMS). COMPENSATION TYPES: Sliding Scale. PAYMENT METHODS: PayPal, Venmo, Bank Transfer.

Queer Healer team


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  • craniowithtai@gmail.com