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About Tiana

I am a queer woman who gives support to queer community members who are dying or caring for dying people. From diagnosis to memorial and beyond, I provide emotional, spiritual and practical guidance for individuals and community care teams.


Queer specific end of life planning, queer specific end of life ceremony.

Client Testimonials

“I wanted to make sure my chosen family would be the ones to make decisions for me should I become unable. It’s really important to me that the people who I’ve come to rely on and who know me best have everything they needs to support me when I need it. Tiana helped guide me through everything with thoughtful questions and pertinent local information.” – Client


“My mom unexpectedly died over a year ago leaving us all at a loss. It’s been a struggle and I reached out to co-create a ritual to help us find peace with my mom’s choice to leave us. When I’m overwhelmed with grief, I turn back to the ritual we did for my mom and my family and it helps.” – Client


Contemplative End Of Life Care certificate from the Institute of Traditional Medicine


In-person visits are done at your location. Due to COVID, the majority of sessions are currently being done by phone or video.

Owner Message

SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Couples / Dyads, Families, Multiple Partners / Polycules, Groups / Circles / Classes. SESSION LOCATIONS: In-person, Phone-based, Text-based (Email/SMS), Video-based, (Note: In-person sessions are at a distance and outdoors when possible). COMPENSATION TYPES: Donation-based, Free for Specific Client Types, Trade / Barter, Pay What You Can, (Note: I'm exploring creative ways of offering my services to the queer community outside of capitalist structures. I'm open to hearing what works for you. PAYMENT METHODS: Bank Transfer, Cash, PayPal.

Queer Healer team


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  • queercommunitydeathcare@gmail.com