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Sober and Queer AF Romani-Sinti and Muisca. Doula, Healer, Coach, Consultant.
Trauma Recovery • Embodiment • Grief, Loss, Death.


Adoption Trauma: Transracial Survival & Recovery, Family Estrangement
Lineage Trauma: Intergenerational and Ancestral
Historical Trauma: Racial and Movement
Collective Trauma: Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious, and Secondary
Grief & Loss Trauma: Terminal Illness, Death, Dying, Shadow Loss, Bereavement
Relational Trauma: Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Abuse, Toxic Relationships

Client Testimonials

“I love how inclusive Tracy is. She is very well-informed and I never felt invalidated or as though any part of what I was experiencing was not real. I felt uncertain of how to expand on my identity. I struggled with call myself certain things and I was trying to figure out how to begin to embrace my identity void of the colonial mindset. Tracy practices in a variety of important intersections of the wellness community. She helped me realize that I am validated and embracing my culture and heritage; there is nothing wrong with me. Since working with her I have begun to build rituals for embracing myself and have an idea of where I want to go next. I would tell people who are considering working with Tracy that she is trauma-informed and that she practices in ways that are not only inclusive but reinforce accountability on the part of the person who aiming to grow so they do the work that is necessary. This has been an amazing experience!” – Georgina S.

“I was really struggling and needed some co-regulation and extra support. Tracy has a wonderful way of seeing and validating those who have experienced trauma. She has a no bullshit way of being an ally to trauma survivors. Her passion for what she does and hunger to continue educating herself on her craft really stood out to me. I picked Tracy because of intentionality & passion for what she does, knowledge, and calm & caring spirit. Tracy did such a beautiful job of listening, validating, and holding space. The tools that were offered were absolutely wonderful and super helpful and I used a few of them that she offered me. If you are considering hiring her, do it, it is well worth your time & money.” – Emma Z.

“I was wrestling with imposter syndrome and groping in the dark for guidance and examples for how to even begin my own practice. I felt like I didn’t have the experience to ask for money in exchange for my services. I was trying to work through deep mental and emotional blocks I had around my relationship with money and around not being good enough. I was looking for a practitioner that knew what I was struggling with, had been there, had helped people get out of that place of feeling like an imposter. Every time I hopped on a call with Tracy, I felt invited, safe, and held in a place of non-judgement. I would recommend any new practitioner work with her. Tracy offered a lot of clarity and insight and what it is like to have your own practice. She gave me practical information to apply so that I felt like I was really making progress on my business and understanding my future. I would also recommend anyone that is experiencing psychological/mental/emotional blocks holding them back from achieving their goals to work with her because Tracy has the intuition to gently guide people toward understanding and clearing them. Since working with Tracy I have not only come up with a price list that feels good, not just safe. And I have started working with paying clients and now feel confident in what I have to offer.” – Yvonne C.

“I was struggling to find my footing professionally and personally. I was in the middle of a divorce process, I was a new single father with full custody of young boys, I started a new job, and I was attempting to launch my own practice. I was juggling way too many things and it took its toll on me. I really liked the way Tracy focused on holistic wellness. I was also very impressed with the level of detail and professionalism. Tracy dug deep! Working with her made me realize there was a separate challenge happening in the background that needed to be dealt with before working on anything else in my life. Since working with Tracy, my divorce process ended successfully, my work life isn’t as overwhelming anymore, I finished outlining the new edition of my book, and I am about to launch my own practice in the next several months. I always knew I could be happy, but it seemed like it eluded me. Now I am swimming in happiness daily and there’s a new peace in my life. Tracy is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to personal development. She has a patient, friendly, and approachable style that makes folks want to keep talking to her. If you are wondering if you should hire Tracy, don’t hesitate, the answer is yes!” – Robert B.

“I thought I had an idea about trauma, but Tracy really helped bring more light to what it means, what it does, and how it shapes who we are. I am extremely grateful for her supportive and guiding help during a critical time in my life! Thank you!!” – Maria Two-Straps

“I was struggling finding a better way to communicate my needs and desires to help control my PTSD with my family so they could better understand how they could help support my goals. Tracy’s ability to listen and coax out details so she can re-frame questions that make you look deep inside yourself to answer them is amazing. Tracy was never pushing type of “one-size-fits-all” or “quick-fix” solutions within her sessions. She truly took the time to develop exercises based on your conversations that help you learn about yourself and work to accept who you are now in order to develop a path forward to work on. I now have a better understanding of myself and what I need from relationships with others. How to re-frame conversations to make it easy to discuss difficult topics with family and my boss at work. I am glad I got to work with Tracy, there was laughter and she was easy to talk to. I encourage anyone looking for guidance and support to check her out even for a single session as she will make a meaning full impact in your life!” – Jason B.


Certified Trauma Professional (CTP), International Association of Trauma Professionals
Adult Mental Health First Aid Certification, New York City Department of Mental Health and Hygiene
Reiki Training 1 & 2, Beacons of Change
Death Companioning Initiate (Death Doula Certification), School of American Thanatology (Founded by Cole Imperi)
Certificate of Ordination, Universal Life Church Ministries and Monastery
Trauma-Informed Care & Clinical Trauma Professional, International Trauma Training Institute
Somatic Approaches to Healing Trauma, Dr. Albert Wong of John F. Kennedy University – Somatopia
From Trauma-Informed to Healing-Centered: Relational Approaches for Building Resilience and Advancing Social Justice, IDHA NYC School for Transformative Mental Health
Grief Literacy™ Level 1 & 2, Being Here Being Human
Anti-Racism Training, Diversity & Resiliency Institute of El Paso
Inner Glow Circle, Accredited by the International Coaching Federation

Traumatic Stress and The Breath, Jane Clapp & Jennifer Snowdon
Movement for Trauma, Jane Clapp (Anticipated Completion 2021)
Traditional Reiki, Energetic Sovereignty (Anticipated Completion 2021)


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