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About Vanessa

I am a non-binary mystic, artist and shamanic earth keeper. My spiritual practice is rooted in loving awareness of the heart centred path. I hold the natural cycles of birth, death, and rebirth as sacred passages and initiations into our remembering of the eternal now. I value and uphold an intersectional queer approach to my practice and centre deeply rooted people. My intention of providing this energetic container is to assist you in reactivating your soul memory effortlessly with love, ease, and grace.


Akashic Record Readings, 13th Octave LaHoChi healing, Intuitive Human Design Readings, Intergalactic Soul Retrieval sessions.

Client Testimonials

13th Octave LaHoChi Testimonial

“Vanessa has such a powerful presence — undeniably ancient wisdom. Warm, compassionate, and soothing, Vanessa will meet you with grace wherever you are. We had an instant rapport and soul familiarity. My session was nearly indescribable. I accessed many past life memories and was reminded of innate knowledge that I have been seeking to remember. As I relaxed deeply into receiving the LaHoChi magic, I was consistently elevated higher and higher into levels of quantum space I had never experienced before. The space felt endless, like being surrounded by everything and yet nothing at all. My physical body vibrated with coded activations and my third eye was flooded with bright white crystalline light. Energetic adjustments were indicated by body parts releasing tension and realigning as I directed awareness towards them. I felt massive healing and clearing on all levels, pulsing like a star contracting and expanding it’s gases. As I’ve integrated these quantum love frequencies post session, I’ve recognized a notable peace that resonates within me, a lightness and clarity that was muddied before. I am forever grateful to Vanessa for this profound shift and look forward to much more discovery together.” — Kristin

Intuitive Human Design Testimonial

“This reading far-exceeded my expectations! They provided a safe, clear, and productive space to perform the reading and the insight provided resonated deeply. Not only did they give me detailed, helpful information about my human design chart, but they also offered ways in which I can implement this knowledge in my everyday life. I am grateful to have received this reading and excited to see how I can utilize this knowledge to further my growth. Highly recommend!” — Trevor

Intergalactic Soul Retrieval Testimonial

“The guided soul retrieval journey with Vanessa was beyond anything I can even attempt to put into language! They created such a beautiful energetic space in which I felt safe to truly let go and be held as they gently guided me to exactly where I needed to go within myself. I’m still feeling the reverberations of this experience even weeks later, and feel like I will likely continue to see the ripple effects of this powerful journey show up in my life, in aligned timing. It resonated with me in such a palpable way. Incredibly healing and illuminating! Would recommend working with Vanessa to anyone looking for a radical, yet graceful transformation. I feel such deep gratitude to have crossed paths with this tremendously magical, gifted, heart-led being!” — Brittany

Akashic Record Reading Testimonial

“Truly a one of a kind, compassionate, and wonderful healer/guide. They facilitated a deeper understanding of my life and purpose and did it with such ease. Such an amazing experience with a deeply amazing, authentic, and powerful person. I HIGHLY, highly recommend this experience.” — Bryan



Shamanic Earth Keeper
Katherine Lee’s School of Holistic Healing 2018

Reiki Level 1
The Reiki Centre 2018

Reiki Level 2
The Reiki Centre 2018

Akashic Records Consultant
Soul Journeys 2019

Reiki Level 3
Kat Fowler 2020

13th Octave LaHoChi Practitioner 2020
Minka Brooklyn and Ostara Apothecary

Human Design Reader Level 1
Jenna Zoe 2020


My offerings are remote based.

Owner Message

PRICING: $110 USD for a 60min session: Akashic Record Readings, 13th Octave LaHoChi Healing, Intergalactic Soul Retrieval Sessions, and Intuitive Human Design Readings. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one. SESSION LOCATIONS: Video-based. COMPENSATION TYPES: Fixed Rate, Trade / Barter.

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