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About Whitney

I am a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). I have dedicated my life to discovering, studying, and teaching the energetic nature of the self and I use the art of tarot as a way to bring language down from the, often elusive, intuitive realm into practical guidance you can use in your life today.


Client Testimonials

“My experience with Whitney as a coach has been overwhelmingly positive and illuminating. She has a gift for “leading from behind,” by which I mean that she is able to steer me in the right direction while allowing me to maintain a sense of power and autonomy in the process. Her coaching style is kind, direct, insightful, and positively effective. Whitney’s greatest strength lies in her ability to intuitively identify areas that need deeper probing or examination while patiently and steadfastly maintaining a position of non-judgment. Perhaps most importantly she creates enough space for me to do the necessary work while offering exactly the right amount of guidance for me to feel supported in the process. Being coached by her is virtually synonymous with being empowered to take ownership of oneself.” – Kristen, 36, Seattle, WA


“I tend to expect positive outcomes, but my session with Whitney at Vita Lumen was more illuminating than I had even imagined. It was as if she understood and was just a step ahead of my own realizations about life. Best of all, her wisdom and partnering strengthened my awareness of my own gifts and that has been life changing. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to expand their awareness and capacity to walk with peace and power. Feeling the love!” – Dana, 61, Dallas, TX


Although it is not required, I have a certification in Professional Coaching (CPC) from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).


At this time, all sessions are held virtually.

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PRICING: 60-Minutes: $75 USD ; 90-Minutes: $120 USD ; or Pay What You Can. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Groups / Circles / Classes. SESSION LOCATIONS: Video-based, Phone-based. COMPENSATION TYPES: Fixed Rate, Pay What You Can. PAYMENT METHODS: PayPal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards.

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  • whitney@vita-lumen.com