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About Whitney

I have dedicated my life to discovering, studying, and teaching the energetic nature of the self. I use the art of tarot to bring language down from the often elusive intuitive realm and into practical guidance you can use in your life today. In our time together, we will explore the underpinnings of what you need clarity on and reinforce that which is true.


Client Testimonials

“When I was struggling with an issue, I turned to Whitney for clarity. Whitney wasted no time getting to the core of the problem – and finding a solution. Her knowledge of tarot is deep and her delivery is wise beyond her years. If you need a no-nonsense, profound look at your life, look no further than Whitney. She’s got the magic touch!” – Theresa, Milwaukee, WI


“I tend to expect positive outcomes, but my session with Whitney at Vita Lumen was more illuminating than I had even imagined. It was as if she understood and was just a step ahead of my own realizations about life. Best of all, her wisdom and partnering strengthened my awareness of my own gifts and that has been life changing. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to expand their awareness and capacity to walk with peace and power. Feeling the love!” – Dana, 61, Dallas, TX



At this time, all sessions are held virtually.

Owner Message

Vita Lumen is Life Illuminated. Through the power of introspection, we allow the light of Truth to pierce through the veil of illusion and illuminate for us the imprisonment of our past, our experiences, our hurts, and our Shoulds. We expose them so they may be seen clearly and we place our trust in the infinite guidance within which holds us as we bravely return to the power of our Choice. To become aware of the Truth that is already living inside of us. To live a life illuminated. I deeply believe that when we choose to look inward and let our souls show us the way, we give ourselves the opportunity to integrate Truth into our being. And in doing so we free ourselves from the expectations of life and move toward deep self-love, self-integrity, and self-autonomy. Let's get to work. PRICING: Pay What You Can. SESSION FORMATS: One-on-one, Groups / Circles / Classes. SESSION LOCATIONS: Video-based, Phone-based. COMPENSATION TYPES: Fixed Rate, Pay What You Can. PAYMENT METHODS: PayPal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards.

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  • whitney@vita-lumen.com